Behind the Scenes of Cimorelli's Made In America!

The official music video for Cimorelli's Made In America doesn't premiere until next week, but until then, go behind the scenes of Cimorelli's music video. That should hold us all over!

Behind the scenes of Cimorelli's Made In America

From what we can tell in the preview, the video features the six Cimorelli sisters having a blast playing with water guns, jumping on a trampoline, and having an amazing shopping cart race!

The music video was directed by Erik White, who in the past has also directed videos for Mindless Behavior, Miranda Cosgrove, and Christina Aguilera.

"We co-wrote the song," Christina, the oldest Cimorelli sister, said. "We have so much American pride. We love America, and it really made us who were are living here, so doing a patriotic song means a lot to us."

Erik White said he wanted to capture the amazing spirit of the Cimorelli girls for the music video.

"Together they're a family, they're a group, they're friends, they're best friends," White said. "I wanted the world to see how great they are together."

The actual music video premieres Wednesday, June 26.