Behind the Scenes of Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahone!

Go behind the scenes of Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahone in a new featurette that takes fans backstage as Austin films his latest retro music video!Behind the Scenes of Mmm Yeah

In this first look at Austin's upcoming music video, Austin dons a pair of platform shows, shades and a blond curly wig to adopt a brand new persona inspired by the 1970s!

"We're living in the 70s right now," he says." As you can tell, I grew out my hair, and I dyed it, and I also got my gold chains here."

Austin's friends, the Janoskians, also join him for an awesome dance-off in front of a massive green screen!

We can't wait to see what kind of green screen effects they put in to really make the music video pop!

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