12 Reasons Why Being Super Short Is Actually the Best

When you're super short, it can sometimes feel like tall people have it all. They can always see where they're going in a crowd, and they don't need to ask for help getting things off high shelves.

Judy Hopps shaking Nick Wilde's hand in Zootopia

(Zootopia via Walt Disney Pictures)

But being short has its advantages, too. If you don't believe us, keep reading.

1. You get way more legroom when you're traveling, whether it's on a plane or on a bus or train. The longer the trip, the more of a luxury this becomes.

2. You look younger, which may sound like a disadvantage, but it's not. Who doesn't love paying kid prices for a meal or movie?

3. Looking young also makes you seem more innocent, so you can get away with more.

Powerpuff Girls on counter with Professor Utonium

(The Powerpuff Girls via Hanna-Barbera Cartoons)

4. When people need to get past you in a row of seats, you can usually just tuck your feet back and let them by instead of having to get up to let them out.

5. You can shop in the regular and the petite section, so you have way more choices than the other shoppers.

6. The longer you can fit into clothes from the kids' section, the better. They're less expensive than the adult sections, and they're getting more and more fashionable all the time.

7. Plus, your size is almost always in stock.

8. Your clothes take up way less space than a bigger person's, meaning you can pack way more into your drawers. The same goes for suitcases, so you can be prepared for any weather on vacation.

9. Whenever you need help, people are willing to give it to you. They want to grab out-of-reach items, or even give you a piggyback ride.

Yoda riding on Luke Skywalker's back

(Star Wars Episode VI: The Empire Strikes Back via Lucasfilm Ltd.)

10. You rarely have to worry about being taller than your crush. Even in heels, you won't make them look short.

11. It's harder for you to feel claustrophobic since most spaces will accommodate you.

12. You don't need as much room as other people to sleep comfortably. A loveseat is all the space you need for a good night's sleep.


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