Bella Thorne Album Is Coming Soon!

Thursday night, Shake It Up star Bella Thorne took to Twitter to tease fans all about her upcoming debut solo album. While she spilled a lot of the details, there is still so much to learn about the upcoming Bella Thorne album!Bella Thorne Album

Bella Thorne shared that there will be 11 songs on the upcoming album. The album will be titled after the name of its first single!

She also revealed that she cowrote some of the songs on the album, and we absolutely cannot wait to experience her debut as a songwriter!

She Tweeted some lyrics from her unreleased songs, including "Take me on a roller coaster round and round up and over, I'm ready for the ride" and "Our love needs no name, we've got a thing that we can't explain." We absolutely can't wait to hear these tracks in full!

The album will feature a collaboration between Bella and a surprise male singer who also happens to be a dancer. Bellarinas will have to wait with the rest of us to find out who that is!

Bella is taking part in photo shoots today for the album art!

Also coming soon is a music video for the first single. Bella said she was loving the video's storyboard, and we're sure we will too!

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