Bella Thorne on Dealing With Bullies!

14-year-old Shake It Up star Bella Thorne might be a Disney Channel celebrity now, but when she was growing up, she was bullied for speaking Spanish as a first language, and later for being dyslexic.

Today, she speaks out strongly against bullying, and has become the global ambassador for "Stomp Out Bullying." She also has some choice words of advice for anyone who faces bullies.

"I think that the scariest thing is admitting it and telling someone about it," Bella said, "and I think that's the first step that you need to take."

Bella talked to her parents about the bullying, and that was when things started to get better for her.

She also learned that a good way to avoid bullying is to walk away from the situation.

"Don't pick a fight," she said. "If they're picking a fight with you, I would say to walk away. That's the easiest thing to do, because if you keep antagonizing them, it just gets worse."

Bella was also recently bullied on her Instagram. When she stood up to the bully, yet another told her that, as a celebrity, it was her job to take criticism.

"Just because I'm on the red carpet means that I should be bullied, and I should take the bullying and just suck it up? No!" Bella retorted.