Bella Thorne Blogs Her Favorite Summer Activities!

Bella Thorne is always one to look out for her fans, so recently she's been compiling lists of summer activities to fight off boredom!

Here's a list of ten activities she listed back in June!
1. Have a water balloon fight with your friends.
2. Go to a museum.
3. Have a lemonade stand for charity.
4. Go camping in your backyard.
5. Decorate a rock to make a paperweight.
6. Bake or cook something tasty.
7. Finish a 250-piece puzzle.
8. Make a DIY detachable collar necklace
9. Take your dog or your neighbor's dog out for a walk.
10. Become pen pals with on of your friends who's away on vacation.

Here's her more recent list!
1. Have a slumber party with all of your friends.
2. Plant flowers or vegetables in pots.
3. Go to a waterpark or theme park.
4. Put a message in a balloon, blow itup, and give it to your BFF.
5. Play a new board game you've never played before.
6. Sit back and read at least one book.
7. Go to the movies.
8. Make a root beer float.
9. Play dress up and have a pretend fashion show.
10. Have a paper airplane contest with your friends.

She seems to have forgotten our number one:
1. Join Sweety High!

What do you think of Bella's suggestions? And do you have any more?