Tired of Instagram? Here Are 7 Reasons You May Actually Prefer Facebook

Like many of you, Instagram is our fave guilty pleasure app.

We love giving the world a glimpse into our weekend via Stories, or throwing on our cutest outfit for the sole purpose of taking a cute shot for our feed. But there are times when the app can become draining, and we need a bit of a break. But that doesn't mean we want to tune out social media altogether. That's where Facebook comes into play.

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While you probably associate the social app with your parents or older siblings, we think it's worth exploring (if you haven't already). Keep reading for seven reasons why you may actually prefer Facebook over Instagram.

1. You Can Share Links and Lengthy Posts

No swipe-up option necessary! Instagram rewards users with big followings by letting them include links in their Stories. With Facebook, there's no limit to what you can share (regardless of your following). Whether it's a link to your fave song, a post on your blog, or an article you fancy on the internet—link away! You can also put away your Notes app, as Facebook allows you to write about whatever you please and share it with your audience. If you feel like ranting, go to town. If you feel like discussing a special milestone, you can do that, too. Where Instagram is much more focused on videos and images, Facebook equally encourages sharing your thoughts and interests.

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2. It Discourages Cyber Bullying and Harassment

Whereas Instagram can open the doors to all sorts of bullying, you see and hear about way less of it on Facebook. Also, you won't experience creepsters "sliding into your DMs." Facebook is really set up much more to be for close friends and family members (if you choose to add them). You can limit all your content from being seen by certain people, so if you don't feel comfortable with someone viewing what you post, you don't have to worry.


3. You're Given Daily Birthday Reminders

With so many people in our lives, it's pretty difficult to keep track of everyone's birthdays. That's where Facebook saves the day. Whether it's a classmate or a distant relative, never go without knowing the dates that matter!

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4. You Can Easily Send Event Invites

Facebook invites are so much fun! All you have to do is create the name of the event, and from there, you go through your friends list and select the people you want to come to your shindig. The best part is people can interact in the invite group and you can see who has RSVP'd. There's also a privacy option if you want to keep things more anonymous yet still easily sent out the invite.


5. There's a Group for Every Topic Under the Sun

If you've ever felt like you needed a break from Instagram (or reality, for that matter), look no further than Facebook Groups. We find ourselves getting sucked into these at the end of a long day when we want to escape. Diving into the groups of our choice (hello, Who? Weekly!), we have a chance to interact with a bunch of strangers over common interests or fandoms. Whether you're a Riverdale fan, love Ariana Grande, enjoy painting or whatever the case may be, there's the right forum to fit your needs.


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6. It's Difficult to Create a Phony Account

Facebook is very focused on users providing their real first and last names, along with legitimate email addresses. While you'll get the occasional spammers, it's a lot tougher to do so on this platform than it is to create a Finsta on Insta.


7. You Can Share Big Photo Albums

While Instagram lets you post mini-galleries and highlights, Facebook allows you to post large amounts of pics into however many albums you want to share. The albums are up for as long as you want them to be, and your followers are free to comment.

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