Benson Boone Reveals the Powerful Love Story Behind His New Single, 'Before You'

Ever since we first heard him sing on American Idol, we knew that Benson Boone was destined for greatness, and he hasn't disappointed us yet.

Somehow, he seems to only get better with each new musical release, and his latest single, "Before You," is no exception. After dropping last Friday, it's already been streamed millions of times, and once you hear Benson's voice belting out its dreamy and romantic lines, you'll know precisely why. We got the chance to ask Benson all about the song, the relationship that inspired its lyrics and the special single art he made for it in the interview below.

The Story Behind 'Before You'

Benson Boone: "Before You" is about the first love of my life. Someone who will forever have an impact on me, and the lyrics are a true expression of how I felt about that person.


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What 'Before You' Means

BB: I hope when others listen to this song they can think of someone in their life that they truly love. Someone that they cannot imagine living without. I just want people to know what love feels like.

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On the Single Art

BB: Usually, I do black-and-white charcoal drawings for my cover art, but this song is so special I knew I couldn't just use my regular basic materials. I haven't painted a lot in my life and I wanted to do something that was out of my comfort zone. The brown eyes are painted based off the person I wrote this song about.

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Benson's Favorite Lyric

BB: "I must've been lost, and alone. I was barely holding on to the thought that someone like you exists." This lyric is my favorite because simply the fact that I knew they existed was enough to keep me going.

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