Benson Boone Takes the Time to Figure Himself Out in Single 'Better Alone' and Teases New EP

Benson Boone never misses, and with the release of his fourth single, "Better Alone," he cements himself even further as an unstoppable artist with a powerful story to tell, and the voice to back it up.

We first fell in love with the 20-year-old singer-songwriter's voice when he was a contestant on American Idol. Katy Perry predicted early on that Benson had what it took to win the contest before he decided to leave the show and pursue his own path. Clearly, it was the right choice for him, because it wasn't long before he had a record deal. He went gold with his debut single "Ghost Town" before knocking it out of the park again with "ROOM FOR 2" and "In the Stars," and has nearly half a billion streams on his first three releases alone. His debut EPWalk Me Home… drops in one week on July 29, and we already know it's going to have our jaws on the floor.


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Ahead of next week's release, we got the chance to chat with Benson about everything that inspired the emotional new single "Better Alone," from the message in its lyrics to where it fits into Walk Me Home…, and here's what he shared with us.

The Story Behind 'Better Alone'

Benson Boone: I wrote this song about relationships. Sometimes, we rely on them too much and allow them to control our outlook on ourselves. "Better Alone" is just me realizing I need to take time for myself to figure out who I am before I let someone else in.


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What 'Better Alone' Means

BB: I want to promote independence and self-confidence. Love is so important, but you don't need to be in a relationship to feel confident about yourself. Say goodbye to toxic relationships and just do you!

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Benson's Favorite Lyric

BB: "I woke up in the morning, talked myself up, got the courage…." Sometimes you have to motivate yourself to conquer the day, especially when you aren't getting that self-reassurance in a relationship.


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'Better Alone' and the Walk Me Home… EP

BB: Walk Me Home… is a journey through my emotions in the past year. "Better Alone" is where it all started. It was the first song written for the EP. The EP is all about heartbreak and love, but "Better Alone" is more focused on me. It's the start of Walk Me Home…

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