How Writing 'In the Stars' Helped Benson Boone Grapple With Loss

Benson Boone just released his third-ever single, "In the Stars," but it's already clear he's a huge star himself—and the only way to go from here is up.

The American Idol alum made a big splash with his stunning debut, "Ghost Town," before releasing the gorgeous "ROOM FOR 2," but "In the Stars" has to be his most touching song to date. It's an ode to the people we've loved and lost, and a vow to keep their memories in our hearts forever. When it was released last week, it was already a viral TikTok sound—and it's only blown up even further since then. When we heard it, we knew we had to learn more about the song from Benson himself, and here's what he revealed to us about its lyrics and how it came to be.

The Story Behind 'In the Stars'

Benson Boone: I wrote "In The Stars" about my great-grandmother. I was very close with her and it was hard to deal with her loss for a long time. Writing this song helped me come to terms with her being gone, and changed my mindset completely in a positive direction.


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What 'In the Stars' Means

BB: I hope when people listen to this song they can relate to someone that they have lost, and know that when you lose someone a part of them always stays behind with you.

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Benson's Favorite Lyric

BB: My favorite lyric from the song is, "Digging through my old birthday letters, a crumpled 20 still in the box," because my grandma always wrote the cutest letters and left a 20 in each one. I still have one of those 20s that I will keep for the rest of my life.

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