Benson Boone Talks 'Sugar Sweet,' Its Serendipitous Music Video and His 'First Real Tour'

Ever since we first fell in love with Benson Boone's soaring debut single "Ghost Town," we've never met a Benson track we didn't adore, and his latest, "Sugar Sweet," is no exception.

The pop singer-songwriter first wooed the nation as a contestant on American Idol before dropping out to pursue his own path, and it's never been clearer that he made the right call. "Sugar Sweet" is infectiously playful, showcasing Benson's timetable voice as he cuts right to the chase, calling out the girl who broke his heart as he rediscovers himself and realizes he's so much better off without her. It comes complete with an idyllic music video shot in Hawaii.

And this is just the start of a very big year for Benson. In May, he'll be dropping an EP, with an album coming toward the end of the year, with his first-ever tour kicking off in New York on June 1. The 18-date North American tour concludes in San Diego on June 25. Click HERE to get your tickets, and keep reading to get the full scoop on "Sugar Sweet" and the rest from Benson himself.

Sweety High: What is the story behind "Sugar Sweet"? What inspired you to write it?

Benson Boone: I feel like I give people a lot. I am always willing to try and help someone else when maybe it's me needing the help. This song is about someone who took advantage of that and used it to mold me into the person they wanted. This is my comeback to that relationship.


SH: What does the song mean to you, and what do you hope it will mean to your listeners? 

BB: I hope that when people listen to "Sugar Sweet," they feel even just a drop more confidence to stand up to people in their lives that might push them down. That's what it means to me and I want listeners to feel their own interpretation of that feeling.

Benson Boone in silk prada shirt for Sugar Sweet

(Photo credit: Erica Hernandez)


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SH: What's your favorite lyric from the song? Why?

BB: "I won't be here when you're running back 'cause you don't have anyone." To me, it's the part of the song that you actually make the conscious decision to let that person go and never have a need for them to come back into your life. It's the whole purpose of the song.


SH: What was the process for bringing the "Sugar Sweet" music video to life in Hawaii? Can you tell us about how you met the music video's co-star and how her role came to be?

BB: I was in the airport at LAX, getting ready to board my flight to Hawaii and we still didn't even have a girl for the video. This shoot came together so last minute we were scrambling to find someone. I saw a girl across my terminal about two minutes before my flight was leaving, so I sprinted in her direction just hoping I could have an ounce of luck. I ran up to her and introduced myself, and quickly asked if she wanted to be in my music video the next day. She laughed at first, but soon got the memo that I was being fully serious. She said she lived in Maui, which was perfect because from there to Oahu (the island the video was being shot) was only a 30-minute flight. Fast forward 24 hours and she was in my rental truck in Hawaii on our way to start my music video.


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SH: Between a tour, an EP and an album, you have a very busy 2023 ahead of you! Is there any one project you're most excited about?

BB: I'm always the most excited about touring. I know it sounds corny, but seeing people's faces in a crowd, and hearing their voices singing my lyrics is one of the most incredible feelings in the world. I can't wait to show people what I can do at a live show.

Benson Boone close up head shot for Sugar Sweet

(Photo credit: Erica Hernandez)


SH: What can you tell us about your summer headline tour?

BB: This will be my first real tour—the biggest one yet.


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