Get to Know Berlin Skin, a Unisex Skincare Line Taking Over the Beauty World

If you've ever strolled through the beauty aisles at Target, we're sure you felt overwhelmed.

These days, there's a product for everything. Whether it's for pores, brightening, tightening, smoothing, soothing or something else, brands have made it a point to make us think we need them all.

But is that truly the case? Monica Watson, founder of Berlin Skin, sat down with us and answered all of our questions about simple and clean skincare. Keep reading for our full interview with Monica!

Sweety High: What makes up a skincare product geared specifically toward women or toward men?

Monica Watson: In the past, a lot of gender-specific products were simply focused on marketing. You would see products with more feminine packaging and scents geared toward women, and vice-versa toward men. But the truth is, when you're focused on using high-quality plants in skincare, they're highly beneficial for both men and women alike. With the rise of clean beauty, we're seeing more unisex products with gender-neutral scents and packaging, which is a huge win.


SH: What factors contribute to a product being labeled 'unisex'?

MW: If a product is labeled as unisex, it should be valuable for both men and women's skin. You'll often see that it also boasts minimal packaging and no gender bias in the branding.


SH: Will a product geared toward women have a different effect if used on men (or vice versa)?

MW: It depends on what the ingredients are and the purpose of the product. Men have a thicker skin barrier than women, and sometimes have different skin concerns or issues they want to fix. However, when using botanically-based skincare, the benefits are numerous and incredibly diverse. A single plant ingredient can address and heal a plethora of different skin concerns—this is truly the beauty of using ingredients from the earth. For instance, sandalwood can help with acne-prone skin, help to soften fine lines, lighten hyperpigmentation and is antibacterial and antiseptic. So even if someone has just a single skin concern, in the end, the right product can benefit their skin on many levels.


SH: How did Berlin Skin come to be, and what was behind the decision to go the unisex route?

MW: Berlin Skin is inspired by my German grandmother who always taught me that less is more when it comes to caring for our skin. After a two-year-long struggle with cystic acne, I finally learned how to heal my skin by following a holistic lifestyle and using plant ingredients in my skincare routine. I began studying aromatherapy and essential oils and quickly fell in love with how diverse, powerful and invigorating plants could be for the entire body and mind. I decided to go the unisex route because it lined up with what I had been learning about botanicals and the skin. Plus, it greatly aligned with our commitment to sustainability. If you can share your skincare with your significant other, it cuts out packaging waste and the need for an excessive amount of products on your shelf.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like readers to know about unisex skincare or Berlin Skin in particular?

MW: In addition to being a unisex brand, our products are also multi-use and mixable, making them a great fit for most skin types. This cuts out the need to have different products for contrasting seasons and supports those who want to stick to a minimalistic routine.


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