2022's Best Nintendo Switch Games Under $20

The Nintendo Switch has been, without a doubt, our favorite way to game in 2022—and not just because of the company's biggest game franchises.

This year, you didn't have to spend a lot of cash for a truly memorable gaming experience. In fact, a lot of our top games of the year are available for less than $20! Whether you're looking for some great titles to play during winter break or plan to have some gift cards lying around after the holidays, here's a list of the best new Switch games you can get for under $20 right now.

Floppy Knights and Lil Gator game

(Floppy Knights via Rose City Games/Lil Gator Game via Playtonic Friends)

Windosill: $9.99

If you're on the lookout for a game that doesn't waste your time, you can't do much better than Windosill (which technically dropped a decade ago, but just got added to the Nintendo Switch lineup). This tactile puzzle box game is gorgeously animated from start to finish, with each of its 10 memorable (and sometimes bizarre) scenarios unfolding as players use touch controls to interact with the world and propel themselves forward. While most players will beat it in under an hour, we appreciate that it doesn't waste a second of their time, and believe it's well worth the $10 price tag.


Floppy Knights: $19.99

Dicey Dungeons has been one of our most-played games on the Nintendo Switch, and when we saw that same signature art style in Floppy Knights, we knew we had to play it. It turns out the game is just as fun and addictive as we'd hoped, combining turn-based strategy with deck-building and card battler mechanics as players summon fighting digital creatures from floppy discs to take down foes. The result is a game that's impossible to put down—and it's even on sale for $15.99 until New Year's Day.


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Them's Fightin' Herds: $19.99

Them's Fightin' Herds is the 2D fighting game we never knew we needed in our lives, combining classic arcade action and exciting combos with cute barnyard animals reminiscent of My Little Pony to make for something that will delight casual players and hardcore fighting game fans alike. The movement is so fluid and smooth, and we haven't played anything quite like it.


Cursed to Golf: $19.99

We can't quite tell you why golfing game mechanics are so satisfying to master and pull off, which is why there are countless ridiculously fun golfing games on the Nintendo Switch, and Cursed to Golf is our latest favorite. It's a golf game as well as a roguelike, with the player trying their hardest to escape Golf Purgatory, traveling across its four worlds and accumulating Ace Card abilities in order to get the upper hand, returning from the afterlife to secure the trophy you were right about to win!


A Little to the Left: $14.99

Players who couldn't get enough of Unpacking should prepare themselves for the magic that is A Little to the Left. It's a game all about getting things organized, with players sorting and tidying up items to their heart's content while solving puzzles hidden within the mess—all while dealing with the interference with a pesky yet adorable cat. Players will want to come back to discover each of the ways that levels can be completed, making for a cozy and relaxing experience from beginning to end. And did we mention it's currently on sale for $12.74?


Portal Companion Collection: $19.99

At this point, the Portal games basically speak for themselves as some of the most influential games of all time, and even though both the original Portal and its sequel are more than a decade old at this point, they're still as relevant and mind-bending as ever. Both games are bundled in this dirt-cheap Companion Collection, and if you've never played them before, prepare to be blown away by the game's incredible humor and storytelling, as well as its ability to push your reasoning skills to their limits. If you have played them in the past, it's the perfect time to revisit them on a handheld.


Once Upon a Jester: $14.99

We've never seen any game quite like Once Upon a Jester, blending a fresh visual style with a charming narrative and unusual gameplay to create a must-play experience. It stars Jester and his best friend Sok, who set out to steal the invaluable Royal Diamond, and realize the only way to get access is to create the ultimate improv duo, becoming the talk of the town and earning a spot performing at the Royal Theatrical Spectacle. This involves flexing your creativity both on and off-stage, making various choices to create your ultimate story for your audience in a fun and feel-good experience you won't soon forget. It's also currently on sale for $11.99!


Hindsight: $14.99

We can always count on publisher Annapurna to deliver the most stunning and thoughtful narrative titles, and Hindsight is another big win. It follows the life of a woman as she reflects on her past, with players using the touchscreen to navigate her surroundings and take a closer look at the objects that were instrumental to her experience, bringing those memories crashing back in an instant. The game is sometimes painful and sorrowful, yet always beautiful and fully engrossing in both its presentation and storytelling, and with the story only being a couple of hours long, it never outstays its welcome.


Lil Gator Game: $19.99

Lil Gator Game reminds us of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in all of the best ways, and that's only the beginning of why we can't stop playing it. With its cel-shaded style and adorable art direction, it evokes all of the spirit of that classic in a compact, low-tension adventure that's all about making friends and exploring the beauty of a sprawling island, making the world your playground. It's also currently on sale for just $13.99, so snag it soon!


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Aka: $12.99

Aka just released on the Nintendo Switch, and it's got to be one of the most beautiful games on the platform. While on the surface, it may look like a simple life sim game inspired by Japanese culture and starring a red panda, it's also a deeply reflective game about finding inner peace, and the sometimes uncomfortable confrontations within yourself that are necessary to do so. It's also on sale for $11.69 at the time of this writing!


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