Your Life Will Change After You Hear These Acoustic Songs

Nothing is more glorious than an artist releasing an acoustic version of one of their songs! Well except for maybe your fav admitting they're totally in love with you, but that's beside the point. Anyways, these acoustic songs from 5 Seconds of Summer, Ed Sheeran and plenty more artists are sure to have you feeling some type of way.

We can all agree that Little Mix are fierce and fab when they perform onstage. But their acoustic performance of "Black Magic" is like no other.

Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" already makes us ugly cry. Then he decided to perform it acoustically so we could all just spontaneously combust from feels.

You definitely won't be able to listen to One Direction's "Night Changes" the same after you listen to the acoustic version.

The punk rock babes in 5 Seconds of Summer gave us life in the form of acoustically singing "Out of my Limit".

We basically don't know how we survived before Bea Miller's acoustic performance of "Fire N Gold" entered our lives.

After hearing R5's "All Night" done acoustically, we need them to put out an acoustic album like yesterday.

Fifth Harmony totally slayed their acoustic performance of "Worth It". You def be listening to this on repeat for the rest of your life.

Which acoustic performance can you not stop listening to? Tell us in the comments down below.