The 5 Most Important (and Surprising) Things I've Learned From My Mom

In light of Mother's Day just around the corner, I've been spending some time this week reflecting on some of my best memories with my own mom.

Although we don't always agree on everything (like how I should style my hair or who I should date), I've realized that the majority of the time my mom serves up advice, she's right.

It's hard to admit sometimes, but mother really does know best. No matter how outlandish her words of wisdom may seem at the time she's delivering them, it's been easy to see later on down the road that she only wanted the best for me.

Because receiving solid advice from someone else's mother seems to be so much easier, I'm here to provide you with the most sound pieces of wisdom from my mother dearest.

1. Know That You Are Beautiful and Remind Yourself Often

Sounds obvious, but, believe it or not, this piece of advice was the hardest to accept from my mother.

Because she's a blood relative, hearing from her that I'm beautiful didn't seem to mean a lot growing up. It seemed to me she was required to tell me that because she was my mom.

As I've grown older, I've come to understand what exactly she meant when she told me to know my beauty and remind me of it often. She was telling me to know and appreciate my self-worth. We're all unique, important and special in our own way, and we have to understand that in order to show the world.

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2. You Must Truly Love Yourself Before Someone Else Can

Growing up, I always was searching for a relationship. I felt sad that I didn't have a boyfriend and would complain that I didn't have enough friends or wasn't "popular" enough.

I'd shrug off my mom's advice to love myself and laugh at the concept that I wouldn't find anyone who could love me as much as I would love me.

I'm older and (a lot) wiser now, and have found that as soon as I started taking care of myself and being happy in my own skin, others took notice. The second I chose to fully love myself, I began attracting others—a wonderful thing.

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3. Surround Yourself With People You Respect

I had a variety of friends in high school, and my mom would constantly remind me that I should only hang out with people I'd want to be associated with.

Guess what, mother dearest was right again! The second I started choosing friends that I was proud to call my own, I made deep and meaningful relationships that I still have to this day!

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4. Always Make Time for Your Family

In high school I often chose hanging out with friends over hanging out with my family. I neglected to make the time or effort to keep my relationship strong with my family, despite my mom and dad's constant attempt to get me to be more involved with them.

As I grew older, some of my closest friends moved away, and you want to know who was left to help me pick up the pieces? My family.

These past few years I've discovered that my family can also be my best friends. No matter what I do, what I say or where I go, my family will always be there to support me and it's important that I take the time to foster these core relationships. Family. Is. Everything. And I know that now.

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5. Don't Stress the Small Stuff

Think about it: Mom's are older and wiser. When growing up, my mom would stress to me that one bad grade, one rejection from a guy I liked and one broken friendship wasn't the end of the world, but I didn't believe her.

Now, many years later, I see that minor setbacks in life are just that, minor.

When I hit a speed bump in life today, I realize that life goes on and I move forward.

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