5 Aluminum-Free Deodorants We Love and That Actually Work

Have you ever paid attention to the ingredients in your deodorant?

We've been using aluminum-free deodorant for years, and it has proven to be super beneficial. While a lot of people think deodorant with aluminum works better (at least in terms of stopping you from sweating,) it's actually hurting you in the long run. From rashes to itchiness, irritation and more, aluminum can be pretty toxic for your skin.

Switching over to aluminum-free deodorant is no easy feat. It takes a while for your body to get used to it, and you might feel a bit stinky for the first few months. But trust us when we say it is well worth it. Feel like hopping on the aluminum-free deodorant train? Look below for a list of five of our absolute favorites.

Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant: $14

Kopari is a coconut-based brand that we've loved for years, and this deodorant is a big part of it! This features a sweet coconut milk scent and is full of plant-based ingredients and no aluminum or baking soda. Not only will your pits feel smooth and soft, but the clear formula will leave you smelling fresh and clean all day long, without leaving a white or sticky residue.


(via Kopari)


Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream: $16

Another clean, aluminum-free deodorant we love is Drunk Elephant's Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream. Certified clean at Sephora, this product dispels odors and leaves your armpits feeling hydrated and nourished. Formulated with ingredients like mandelic acid, arrowroot powder and shea butter, it'll help you say goodbye to stinky pits for good.


(via @glowmyface)


Kosas Chemistry Deodorant: $15

Don't you love it when the list of ingredients in skincare products are ones you recognize and can actually read? That's what you get with this deodorant from Kosas! With ingredients like mandelic acid, lactic acid, aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid, they work together to fight off B.O. and leave you with fresh pits. Plus, it brightens dull skin and can even help with razor burn.


(via Kosas)


Nécessaire The Deodorant: $20

$20 might seem pricy for a deodorant, but you 100% get what you pay for here! This one from Nécessaire combats stinky pits while also treating discoloration. With ingredients including lactic acid, mandelic acid, silica, kaolin and zinc, this creamy formula that smells of sandalwood will become your favorite deodorant ever.


(via Nécessaire)


Hello Clean & Fresh Deodorant With Charcoal: $6.99

You might be familiar with Hello and their dental products, but did you know they also make a killer aluminum-free deodorant? We're loving their clean and fresh scent with charcoal that not only fights off smelly pits, but also helps with soothing and moisturizing. Plus, it's made with some great ingredients like arrowroot, shea butter, coconut oil and zinc.


(via Hello)


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