The Best (and Safest) Products for Removing Makeup

You know that feeling when you get home from a long day and finally get to take off your makeup and put on your comfies?

There's no better feeling. But do you know what you're putting on your face when you're taking off your makeup? Do you pay attention to the ingredients? If safe and good-for-you products are important to you, you've come to the right place. Keep scrolling to find out all about the best and safest products for removing makeup.

I-N Beauty Seed Synergy Micellar Water: $30

Out of all the makeup removing options out there, micellar water is without a doubt the best one for people with super sensitive skin. We're loving this one from I-N Beauty because of its gentle formula—all you need to do is put some on a cotton pad and wipe your face. This will get rid of makeup, dirt, oils and more.


(via I-N Beauty)


Erase Your Face Cloths: $9.49

If you're looking for more ways to be green, these reusable facecloths are just what you need. Erase Your Face replaces up to 500 face wipes and is super gentle on your skin. All you have to do is wet the cloth with warm water and wipe away your makeup.


(via Amazon)


Petite n Pretty 9021-Glow Fresh Start Cleanser: $16

Petite n Pretty is the perfect starter skincare brand for those just getting into their self-care journies. Their cleanser, in particular, comes in a super smooth jelly formula that feels velvety to the touch. This dermatologist-approved and paraben-free cleanser will get rid of any trace of makeup, dirt and more.


(via Ulta)


Nuria Hydrate Nourishing Makeup Removing Wipes: $5

Sometimes we need a quick solution for removing our makeup, which is where these wipes from Nuria come in. Packed with nourishing aloe and vitamin E, these clean wipes will not only take off your makeup, but they'll also keep your skin hydrated in the process.


(via Nuria Beauty)


Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic To-Go: $18

Pixi Beauty has our favorite toners of all time, and now that they come in this to-go packaging, we're even more obsessed. These pre-moistened pads are filled with Glow Tonic's formula of aloe vera and glycolic acid. After removing your makeup with a cleanser or wipe, swipe this across your face for the ultimate cleansed face.


(via Pixi Beauty)


Herbivore Pink Cloud Jelly Cleanser: $24

Herbivore's Pink Cloud line is full of some dreamy products, with their jelly cleanser being one of our faves. Not only would the bottle look stunning on your vanity, but it works, too. Formulated with ingredients like rosewater and tremella, this makes removing makeup super easy.


(via Herbivore Botanicals)


Face Halo Original Makeup Remover 3-Pack: $22

If your makeup never seems to come off, let us introduce you to Face Halo. These makeup remover pads work like magic. We weren't sure just how good they were until we put them to the test ourselves. After removing our makeup with a makeup wipe, we wet this pad and applied it to our faces. And guess what? There was still makeup on. It works better than you can imagine, either on its own or with a wipe or cleanser.


(via Face Halo)


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