The Best and Worst Things About Having a Summer Birthday

Calling all Geminis, Cancers, Leos and even a few of you Virgos—we're here to talk about the summer birthday babies.

Your birthday is one of the best days of the year no matter when it happens to fall, but there are a few unique benefits to having a summer birthday…as well as quite a few downsides. Whether you're one of us or just want to know more about the best and worst things about it for the sake of better understanding some of your friends, let's talk about some of the pros and cons of having a summer birthday.

Pro: You Usually Won't Have School

Starting off strong on the list of best things about having a summer birthday is the fact that at the very least, you probably won't have to worry about school during it! All the birthday vibes without a single thought of homework—what's not to love about that?


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Con: You Never Get to Carry Around Any Obnoxious Balloons/Gifts at School

Okay, so maybe there is something not to love about being far away from the halls of your school or university on your birthday. As a summer birthday baby, you probably grew up so jealous of those kids who got to carry all their balloons and other gifts around all day (which is basically the point of being given them anyway, let's be honest). It's okay, though, because there's still plenty of benefits to your birthday that those kids will never even know.


Pro: Warm Weather

Warm weather is a total pro. Not having to worry about winter layers or generally miserably cold weather when planning your birthday festivities is amazing. Forget the feeling of trying to stay warm while celebrating and bring on the pool parties instead.


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Con: So Much Sweating

On the other hand, though, sometimes the warm weather can be a little too warm—especially if you plan an outdoor birthday bash.


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Pro: You Don't Have to Share Your Birthday With Too Many Other Holidays

Summer babies will never know the pain of having to share your birthday with another gift-giving holiday like Christmas, or even one that simply steals your thunder like Halloween or Easter. Sure, there's Memorial Day and the 4th of July in the mix to contend with, but having someone skip their annual backyard barbeque to attend your birthday festivities instead is a whole lot easier than trying to get them to give up their plans for another holiday.


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Con: A Lot of Your Friends Might Be Away on Summer Vacation

While in theory having your birthday over the summer would mean that your friends would have no excuse not to join in on the celebration. Unfortunately, it also means that a lot of them will simply be out of town. Whether you're in college and all your friends head home (possibly across the country) for the long break or in high school with friends who are away on trips with their families, sometimes you have to sacrifice having all your loved ones close for your birthday when it's in the summer.


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