15 Free Apps That Changed Our Lives In 2015

The app: Make Me Nails

How it changed our lives: Make Me Nails lets you take literally any picture in your camera roll and turn them into SUPER cute customized nail wraps. The nail wrap sets themselves aren't free (they start at $18) but they look amazing and totally changed our mani game in 2015. AND it was thought up by G Hannelius, and we're obsessed with everything she does.

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The app: Disney Gif

How it changed our lives: Disney Gif makes searching for the perfect reaction gif SO easy that you'll be using them in every text you send. To make it even easier, it's arranged by shows and by whatever emotion you're trying to convey. Plus, the brand new Star Wars gifs are everything we could have ever wanted.


The app: Dubsmash

How it changed our lives: We don't even know what we did with our lives before celeb Dubmashes! The app plays some of the funniest sound clips in existence while you lip sync along with them, and the resulting dubs are glorious.

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The app: Crossy Road

How it changed our lives: Crossy Road is a pretty simple game about a chicken trying to cross the road, but it's so hard to put down that we probably played it more than ANY other game in 2015. It's extra addicting because you can unlock characters by collecting coins, and at about 60 characters we STILL haven't collected all of them.

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The app: Sweetivity

How it changed our lives: We'll admit that we are a little biased because Sweetivity IS our app, but we wouldn't have released it if we weren't in love with it! On the app you can enter contests to win stuff like merch signed by Ariana Grande and One Direction, and look through all of the beautiful and hilarious photos submitted by people like you from all around the country.

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The app: Dreamboard

How it changed our lives: Dreamboard is basically dream journaling, minus the pesky physical journal that your mom or little sister can find in your room when you least suspect it. It lets you keep track of your dreams'  mood, how it made you feel, associated colors and other little details to help you get all your thoughts in one place to piece together what's going on in your sleep. It's definitely helped us make some sense of our wacky subconsciousness!

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The app: MM Nails – Interactive Hologram Nail Art

How it changed our lives: This one is extremely specific but SO fun and weird to play with. If you've got the app, plus the right Metaverse nail decals, you can use the scanner to look at your nails and bring pop-out 3D images to life on your nails. Just watch the video and you'll be sold.

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The app: Colorfy

How it changed our lives: Coloring definitely isn't just for little kids anymore. All of the coloring pages on the app are beautiful and sophisticated, and filling in the images is weirdly satisfying. If you're feeling stressed, we definitely recommend putting a little Colorfy into your life.

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The app: Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

How it changed our lives: Neko Atsume is a bizarre game about making your yard a paradise for cats. Provide cats with snacks and things to play with, and cats show up, leaving you fish for your trouble. As you play, you fill up your Catbook with all of the characters you've collected, and you can use their fishy gifts to but even more stuff to get more cats. It's an endless cycle, but weirdly that's what makes it SO much fun. And the little theme song it plays will be stuck in your head for years (which is totally a good thing).

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The app: Lumyer

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How it changed our lives: Sometimes your fave images just need a little bit of glamming up, and Lumyer is the perfect app for adding shimmering glitter, bursting fireworks and other cool moving accents to your pics. Plus, the snow effect is perfect for making a winter wonderland out of every picture.


The app: Magic Conch

How it changed our lives: This SpongeBob SquarePants-inspired app is basically a Magic 8 Ball with a lot of extras. Ask it a yes or no question and pull the string to get your answer. And we don't quite understand why, but we LOVE popping the rising bubbles.

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The app: Motion Portrait

How it changed our lives: Motion Portrait is creepy in the best way possible. All you have to do is submit a photo of a person (or animal or drawing or anything you'd like) and place the mouth and eyes, and it'll magically transform your still image into a moving video. We don't know how it works, but we want to use it on every photo in our camera rolls.

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The app: Acapella


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How it changed our lives: We're going to be honest here and say that we personally haven't USED this app a ton, but we're in love with the ridiculously talented people who share their Acapella creations on Twitter and Insta. It lets you record up to 9 separate videos to harmonize with yourself, and the results are stunning.

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The app: Giphy CAM

How it changed our lives: People LOVE personalized gifs, and Giphy Cam is the easiest tool out there for transforming your videos into perfect gifs. You can add filters, text and effects and it's so easy to use that you'll be a gif hero when none of the other gifs out there are quite right.

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The app: ShadeScout

How it changed our lives: If you've ever struggled to find exactly the perfect shade of makeup, ShadeScout is your new bestie. It lets you pick any color from a photo in your camera roll and finds lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow and more in similar shades from your fave brands. Plus, there's a "Try-on" mode for a quick preview of what it'll look like on your face. They've also got a ShadeScout Nails app for bringing your favorite color palette to your next mani!

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Now that you've taken a look at our fave apps of 2015, we want to learn more about what you were obsessed with this year. Click here to tell us which albums won 2015!