The Best Products Our Beauty Editors Tried in April

Our beauty editors tried out all sorts of products in April this year.

From nails to skincare, makeup, hair and more, there was something to try in practically every category. But out of all of the products we tried, only a few ended up on our list of must-haves! Continue below to get a look at the best products our beauty editors tried in April.

Sanitas Lemon Cream Scrub: $34

If you want to have clear skin, you absolutely need to have a scrub in your weekly skincare routine. By removing dead skin cells, you're allowing your skin to regenerate and be cleaned! After trying out the Lemon Cream Scrub from Sanitas, we think we've found our favorite one yet. Formulated with silica and jojoba oil, leaving your skin's pores cleansed and skin smoother than ever.

sanitas lemon cream scrub

(via Sanitas Skincare)


Apiceuticals Hair Antioxidant Dry Oil: $99

Whether you suffer from brittle, dry or oily hair, one thing remains true for each and every hair type—you should be using an oil! The Antioxidant Dry Oil from Apiceuticals is a new fave of ours thanks to its ability to leave hair silky smooth while also fighting off dryness. Organic propolis oil, virgin maracuja oil, virgin olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, grape seed oil, inca inchi oil and marula oil make up this impressive product.

apiceuticals dry oil

(via Apiceuticals)


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Foreo Bear Facial Toning Device: $299

Devices for the skin are a total must if you're looking to take your skincare to the next level, and that's exactly where the Foreo Bear comes in! This facial toning device will firm up your skin thanks to the use of microcurrents which not only reduce fine lines but also help with wrinkles and even sagging skin. Think of it as a contour for your skin, without the makeup!

foreo the bear

(via Sephora)


Fleur & Bee Just Dew It: $34

We tried out a handful of serums in April, but the Just Dew It one from Fleur & Bee captured our attention! If you suffer from dry skin, this serum absolutely belongs in your skincare arsenal. Crafted with 14 nourishing actives and ingredients including glycerin, aloe vera, grapeseed oil, prickly pear seed oil, squalane and niacinamide, your skin will instantly be plumped and hydrated.

fleur and bee just dew it

(via Fleur & Bee)


Remilia Hair The Cosmocap Hair Serum: $27

The moment we saw these adorable capsules filled with hair serum, we were almost tempted to leave them on our counters because they're so cute! But we did end up trying these serums out, and boy are we glad we did. With 30 biodegradable capsules available in the bottle, there's enough for 30 different uses, and since you're only supposed to use it on freshly washed, damp hair, this can last you for a few months, depending on how often you wash your hair! Made with keratin amino acids, silk protein and vitamin B5, this treatment will strengthen, hydrate and repair your hair.

remilia cosmocap hair serum

(via Remilia Hair)


Sarah Happ The Dream Slip: $34

We've been using Sarah Happ's The Dream Slip for a long time now, and after receiving our refill in April, we just knew it belonged in this roundup. Crafted with hyaluronic acid and konjac root, and made with chamomile and honey flavors, this lip mask will leave your lips feeling smoother than ever. By wearing it to bed every night, your lips will be repaired in next to no time!

sarah happ the dream slip

(via Sarah Happ)


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FACTORFIVE's Lash and Brow Growth Serum: $79

As avid makeup-wearers, time has taken a toll on our lashes, especially due to mascara use. That's why we were so keen on trying out this Lash and Brow Growth Serum from FACTORFIVE. After just four weeks, we noticed a difference in the length and number of lashes. Thanks to ingredients like panthenol, biotin and ocimum basillcum hairy root extract, you can expect your own lashes and brows to be strengthened, conditioned and even thickened.

factorfive lash and brow growth serum



Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler in Coconut Colada: $26

We don'always blow-dry our hair, but when we do, using a heat protectant is a must. After trying our Drybar's Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler, we don't see ourselves using anything else in the near future. Scented in delicious coconut colada, this is meant to be used on freshly washed hair. It will not only help to detangle the hair, but it will also protect it from heat!

drybar prep rally

(via Drybar)


Freck Beauty Freck OG: $22

We love watching our favorite girls on TikTok like Madison Beer and KensNation do their makeup, especially when we get to see their adorable freckles peep through! However, not all of us are blessed with freckles, and if you want some of your own, you need to try out the Freck OG from Freck Beauty. Simply apply the product onto your skin, allow it to dry for a few seconds and tap it in with your fingers, and voila, you have freckles!

freck og

(via Freck Beauty)


Lottie London Eye Foil in Savage: $5.95

April was the month of Coachella, and leading up to the music festival we tried out all sorts of fun eye makeup looks. After testing out the Eye Foils from Lottie London, we fell in love right away! This can be used on its own or even on top of eyeshadow. You'll be left with a foiled look in a duo-chrome shimmer.

lottie london eye foil

(via ULTA)


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Luseta Beauty Charcoal Detox Bundle: $32

We loathe oily scalps, but Luseta Beauty targets that exact concern! Their Charcoal Detox Bundle consists of a shampoo and conditioner, and upon using them, your hair will be thoroughly cleansed and restored. Made with ingredients like black charcoal, kaolin and peppermint, this system will cause impurities, oils and dirts to be absorbed and washed away in no time.

luseta charcoal detox duo

(via Luseta Beauty)


Skinny Confidential The Hot Shave Razor: $25

We're big fans of the products over at Skinny Confidential, and when we heard about the launch of The Hot Shave Razor, we knew we needed to test it out for ourselves! The razor was made with women in mind, because yes, we do get peach fuzz on our faces! The sharp blade removes unwanted hair and leaves you will smooth skin. Plus, it makes your makeup application look so much better!

the skinny confidential hot shave razor and cream

(via Skinny Confidential)


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