9 Art and Illustration Pages You HAVE to Follow on YouTube

Whether you're an artist yourself or just a fan of the craft, there's nothing quite like watching the masters make incredible illustrations and paintings out of nothing.

Lately, one of our favorite relaxing pastimes has been to tune into YouTube channels about art and simply watch artists create. And if we can learn a thing or two about their processes and techniques along the way, that's definitely an added bonus. If you're new to the YouTube art space, here are our favorite art and illustration pages you have to follow.


When we think of art and YouTube, Drawfee is the first channel that comes to mind. The channel is a collaboration between the talented and hilarious Julia Lepetit, Jacob Andrews, Nathan Yaffe and Karina Farek, and shows the artists taking on absurd and incredible drawing challenges (many suggested by fans). Prepare to fall in love with the four charming hosts as you're wowed—and brought to tears of laughter—by their art skills.


Likelihood Art

Likelihood Art is an artist and animator named Cornelia who makes the chillest art videos around. Whether she's showing off her creative process or creating tutorials to help you learn how to master various skills, she approaches art with a relaxed and calming vibe that basically makes her videos ASMR. If you're an artist who draws on an iPad, you can learn a lot from her channel, and we recommend watching at night before bed to help you get in a calm and cozy mood.



BuzzFeedVideo's Draw-Off show may not be getting any new episodes, but that doesn't make us love it any less. In this unique series, industry animators and cartoonists took part in fun challenges, such as drawing strangers based on their voices, drawing various characters from memory or mashing up classic cartoon icons. The results were brilliant every time, and with many of the artists showing up time and time again, it was all too easy to start developing favorites.



Josiah Alan Brooks, also known as Jazza, is an Australian artist who does some of the very best art tutorials on all of YouTube. He's not only super funny and easy to watch, but great at explaining art concepts in a way that makes them simple to understand. If you're struggling with any particular aspect of drawing, we recommend going through his playlist and seeing if he addresses your problem areas, because he can clear things up for you in a jiffy and help you improve your skills in no time.



Sycra is another YouTuber who offers phenomenal tutorials and digital painting videos, but his offerings tend to be a little more technical. He's another must-follow creator if you want to learn how to paint using an iPad and apps like Procreate. He's got videos on everything from learning to draw hands to how to make characters cute, how to draw self-portraits and how to make a portfolio, and his videos are clear, informative and in-depth so you won't miss a single thing.


Will Terrell

Looking for a cartoonist's perspective? Will Terrell is an excellent comic book artist who's made incredible videos that will show you all kinds of tips and techniques about sketching and drawing cartoons using paper, pens and pencils. He makes art the old-school way, so whether you want to learn how to color with markers, to draw from references or just to get back into the drawing game after a while, he's got you covered.


Mead McLean

Mead McLean's channel may not be huge, but his videos have a ton of wisdom to offer. He happens to be the department chair of art and humanities at the Lone Star College – Montgomery in Houston Texas, and he uses this channel to share all of the great insights he learned both in and out of art school. In addition to sharing his drawing tips, he also includes content about woodworking and painting, so you can learn a little bit of everything in one place.



There's a good reason Stan Propenko (aka Proko on YouTube) has more than 2 million followers on YouTube. He's an artist and teacher who's a master at creating instructional art videos, and he makes videos that cover pretty much every aspect you could imagine when it comes to art and illustration, including videos that explain the most effective drawing methods out there. If you need a slightly more hands-on approach to your art learning, Proko is your guy.


Doodle Date

Last on this list, but certainly not least, is Doodle Date, a channel created by British couple Adam and Steph, who are both artists with very unique approaches to their art. Adam is colorblind, and specializes in greyscale media, while Steph loves all things colorful, and it's always a delight to see their styles come together. Not only is it a pleasure to simply tune in and hear them banter every week, but it's also wonderful to see their art come to life in each episode.


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