The Best Nail Art to Rock When Heading Back to School

You have all of your school supplies ready and your first-day-of-school outfit picked out, but you can't help but feel like you're forgetting something.

We know what it is—doing your nails! You can't head back to school without some fun nail art.

Keep scrolling to see the best nail art to rock when you head back to school.

Notebook Doodles Nail Art

We all doodle in our notebooks, so why not doodle on your nails?


Composition Notebook-Inspired Nail Art

These will definitely take some time to create, but it's so worth it.

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Crayola Crayons-Inspired Nail Art

In case you forget your crayons, use your nails to create art.


Apples Nail Art

An apple a day helps you get good grades.


"Back to School" Nail Art

Can you even go back to school if you aren't sporting this nail art?

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Math-Inspired Nail Art

If math happens to be your favorite subject, this is the design for you.

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Science-Inspired Nail Art

Or maybe science is more your thing?

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Pencils-Inspired Nail Art

A design as old as time.

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Chalkboard-Inspired Nail Art

We love the smell of chalk in the morning.

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"A+" Nail Art

This design will get you an A++ in all your classes.

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Book Worm Nail Art

Your teachers won't have to worry about you reading every book they assign this school year.

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School Supplies-Inspired Nail Art

This design will definitely remind you to bring your supplies with you on your first day back.


While we're on the topic of back-to-school nail art, we can't stop staring at THESE insane pencil-shaped nails.