These Delicious Snacks Will Get You Through Back-to-School Season

Getting back into the swing of things for back-to-school isn't always easy, but having the right fuel for your body makes it a lot simpler.

This fall, we've been trying tons of snacks, meals, beverages and more to find the best options out there. Here are our favorite easy, delicious and (mostly) good-for-you foods at the moment to make the transition seamless.

Amazi Foods Variety Pack: $35.99

Chips and fruit snacks are lunchbox staples, but this year, we're loving brands that are approaching those two categories a little bit differently. Amazi is doing a downright amazing job with both their plantain chips and jackfruit chews, each available in three tempting flavors. Their plantain chips have all the crunch you're craving with a delicious blend of sweet and savory flavor, while their jackfruit chews will satisfy your sweet tooth while delivering loads of antioxidants and nutrients in the process. It's a new and way healthier way to snack.

amazi variety pack

(via Amazi Foods)


Ancient Harvest Veggie Pasta: Find in stores

Pasta is one of our go-to easy-yet-satisfying meals to prepare when we need a boost, but if traditional pasta leaves you feeling weighed down and unmotivated, you have to try Ancient Harvest's Veggie Pasta. It's made from green lentils, tapioca starch, kale, cauliflower and spinach, contains a full serving of veggies per serving and fits right into all of our favorite pasta recipes. We recommend taking a minute off of the cook time for perfect al dente pasta, and we can't get enough!

Ancient harvest veggie pasta

(via Ancient Harvest)


Barcode: 12 for $48

Whether you're working up a sweat or simply working your brain hunched over your homework desk, electrolytes are an awesome way to hydrate and replenish energy in one fell swoop. Barcode is one of our favorite sports drinks on the market right now because it also includes calming adaptogens to get you through the day. We adore the Pinot Noir flavor, flavored with real grape juice for a totally classic, yet fully original, taste.

barcode drinks pinot noir in ice

(via Barcode)


Bulletproof Creamer: $29.99

Raise your hand if you love your coffee sweetened and creamy. If that's the case, but you don't love that adding half and half or lots of sugar to your drinks leaves you feeling less than energetic, Bulletproof's keto-friendly creamer might be exactly right for you. It's sweetened with stevia to satisfy your sweet tooth (and comes in great flavors like Hazelnut and French Vanilla) while also packing the power of grass-fed butter and MCT oil to fuel your body.

bulletrpoof hazelnut creamer

(via Bulletproof)


Caliwater: 4 pack for $11.99

Need a pick-me-up after pulling an all-nighter? Try ultra-hydrating organic cactus water in the form of Caliwater. These delicious canned drinks are flavored with organic ingredients, including blue agave, so there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners ever. Plus, they're packed with antioxidants and nopal cactus extract, which helps you recover fast when you're not feeling so hot. Vanessa Hudgens and Oliver Trevena also happen to be the co-founders, and we think they're on to something good.

caliwater vanessa hudgens drinking

(via Caliwater)


Explorer Cold Brew: $45 for 32 oz.

While there are many, many cold brew companies out there to choose from, our favorite has to be Explorer Cold Brew, and that's for two reasons. For one, the taste is unmatched. Secondly, they offer four different caffeine levels, so whether you need to be hyper-caffeinated daily, can't handle caffeine at all or are something in between, they have a cold brew for you. Their cold brew may seem pricey at first, but when you think about how much money you'll save skipping your Starbucks runs, you'll realize how much it's totally worth it.

Instagram @explorercoldbrew no caf coffee

(via Explorer Cold Brew)


Foxtrot Chocolate Lovers Box: $50

Sometimes, being a little indulgent is just what you need to get you through a particularly tough study session. For those times, we adore Foxtrot and their Chocolate Lovers Box, which features three bags of delicious chocolate-themed treat mixes, two delicious wafers, a massive sandwich cookie and an ooey-gooey three-layer brownie to snack on. It's enough to keep you satiated for a while, but is also excellent for sharing during group study.

Foxtrot Chocolate lovers box lifestyle

(via Foxtrot)


Freeli Foods: $49.49 for 20 meals

If you love the convenience of frozen meals but don't like all of the junk and preservatives that are packed into them, Freeli might be right for you. These handy packets are microwavable and contain tasty meals made with real ingredients, so you get that convenience without the unnecessary additives. They also come in Mac & Cheese, Burrito Bowl, Chicken Teriyaki, Pasta & Meat Sauce and Chicken Noodle flavors, so there's a little something for everyone.

Instagram @freelifoods pouches

(via Freeli Foods)


Hydralyte Hydration + Immune System Boost, Berry Blast: $26.24

If you're serious about hydration and love electrolyte-packed drinks, we highly recommend getting into conveniently packaged electrolyte powders, which add great flavors and much-needed nutrients to your water. Right now, we're loving Hydralyte's Electrolyte Powder with added zinc and elderberry to boost your immune system—which is needed more now than ever if you're physically going to school right now. The berry flavor also tastes amazing, so you'll want to restore your hydration at every opportunity.

hydralite berry blast

(via Hydralite)


Immi Variety Pack: 6 for $39

Instant ramen is fast, easy and convenient, but with all of its sodium and artificial ingredients, it's not known for being great for you. Immi is trying to change that with their low-carb, plant-based instant ramen made with better-for-you ingredients. While the texture might take some getting used to at first, the delicious broths will win you over fast. They come in delicious Spicy "Beef," Black Garlic "Chicken" and Tom Yum "Shrimp" flavors, and just might become your new go-to ramen.

immi eats variety soups

(via Immi)


Leilo Sunset Variety: 12-pack for $49.99

Looking to relax after a tough day at school? Leilo's sparkling canned drinks include the soothing ingredient kava kava, which helps to calm you down when you're dealing with stress. They leave a unique tingling feeling in your mouth while delivering incredible flavors that will make you look forward to the next day's can.

leilo sunset variety cans

(via Leilo)


Nounós Creamery Single-Serve Strainer Yogurt: Find in stores

Not sold on the flavor of most grocery store Greek yogurts? You should definitely give Nounós Creamery's flavors a try, as the brand puts an emphasis on authentic Greek-style bag-strained yogurt available in a number of amazing flavors. It's tart, tangy and delicious, and whether you take your yogurt with fruit or honey in the bottom, like it sweetened with vanilla or totally plain, these yogurts have you covered.

Nounos creamery yogurts

(via Nounos)


Poppilu Variety Pack: $23.99

Feeling like it's time to graduate from Capri Sun? Poppilu's organic lemonades come in classic pouches, but offer something with a little more kick. Their bold and tangy lemonades are available in Original Lemon, Peach and Blueberry flavors, and are about to make your packed lunch a lot more fun.

poppuli variety back lemonades

(via Poppilu)


Quinn Pretzels: Find in stores

We've been on a bit of a grain-free kick recently, and Quinn pretzels, made with soghum, cassava and potato flour, may be the best bagged pretzels we've ever tasted. The classics are so crispy and delicious, with just the right amount of salt, but the fact they also have pretzels filled with creamy peanut butter, dark chocolate and maple almond butter will win over even the toughest critics.

quinn pretzels banner

(via Quinn)


Rind Chips Variety 6-Pack: $34.99 

Fruit chips aren't a new concept by any means, but Rind does them differently than we've ever seen, and we're in love. Firstly, they're drying fruits we don't see a lot of—such as kiwis, watermelons, oranges and more—but they also keep the peel on their snacks to preserve all of the fiber, vitamins and antioxidants naturally in the fruit. It doesn't sacrifice on flavor while reducing waste.

rind chips variety

(via Rind)


Snacklins Variety Pack: 12-Pack $24.99

Snacklins crisps give a pork rind-like flavor and texture profile in a delicious plant-based treat. These super snackable chips come in Teriyaki, Chesapeake Bay, Barbecue and Nacho flavors, subbing in for all of your favorite chip brands with something just as craveable. They're also low on calories, in case you're counting.

snacklins plant crisp bags

(via Snacklins)


Snow Days Grain-Free Pizza Bites: 2 pack for $31.49

After being introduced to Snow Days, we may never go back to traditional pizza rolls. Even though these organic, grain-free pizza bites are loaded with vegetables, you'll have no idea when you bite in and taste their cheesy goodness. Both the Cheese and Veggie White Pizza flavors come in crispy shells with delectable interiors and taste so good you won't believe they're also good for you. You won't even miss the pepperoni—and that's saying something!

snow days pizza bites

(via Snow Days)


Three Wishes: $9.99 per box

Looking for something special to eat in the morning instead of your sugary store-brand breakfast cereal? We'd tried a lot of grain-free cereals, and Three Wishes is by far our favorite so far. Its crisp but puffy texture makes it as close to classic cereal rings as they come, especially when it comes to the classic combination of milk and cereal. It also comes in Cinnamon, Honey, Unsweetened, Cocoa, Fruity and Frosted flavors to suit all of your breakfast needs with just a fraction of the sugar.

three wishes fruity cereal

(via Three Wishes)


Welch's Juicefuls Juicy Fruit Snacks: Find in stores

Last but not least, would this even be a back-to-school list if we didn't include real fruit snacks? Welch's new Juicefuls fruit snacks take the classic chewy snacks you love, but fill them with a juicy burst of natural fruit flavor. They come in Mixed Fruit, Berry Blast and Island Splash flavors mixes, and are made with real fruit and packed with vitamins A, C and E, in addition to being delicious.

welchs juicefuls fruit snacks

(via Welch's)


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