9 Bath Products Every Girl Needs in Her Arsenal

Our favorite way to unwind is hopping into a bubbly bath.

There's just something about the hot water, suds and aromatic smell that puts us into an ultra-relaxed mood. Obviously, the best way to enjoy this ultimate me-time is by having all the necessary fixins for our tub.

Need to up your bath game a bit? Keep scrolling for nine bath products every girl needs in her arsenal.

In Common Beauty Velvet Cloud Hair Mask: $80

Right when you hop in the bath, get your hair wet and apply a hair mask, like this velvety one from In Common. It only needs to stay on for 30 seconds, but if you want to have crazy soft hair, we recommend leaving it on for a few more. By the time your bath is done, the mask will have set long enough and you can quickly rinse before going about the rest of your business.

hair mask

(via In Common Beauty)


Snow Fox Skincare Sleepy Neptune Bath Treatment Ball: $12

What did we ever do before bath bombs? We honestly can't remember, and when we found this baby by Snow Fox, we were obsessed. Not only does it smell of gorgeous lavender, but it'so pretty to watch unravel in the tub. Shades of purple and blue explode and fizz, all for your pleasure!

bath bomb

(via Snow Fox Skincare)


Pixi Beauty Glycolic Body Wash: $18

Since you're probably in need of some exfoliation, we recommend using something that isn't harsh on your body. We love Pixi's glycolic body wash because not only does it gently exfoliate your skin, but it also smoothes and hydrates.

body wash

(via Pixi Beauty)


Truly Beauty Space Bath Rocks: $23

No bath is complete without some salts. When we were introduced to these stunning bath rocks by Truly Beauty, we were instantly hooked. Essential oils and healing salts slowly revitalize your skin and bring it back to life, leaving you with super soft and supple skin.

bath rocks

(via Truly Beauty)


Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake: $29.50

Yankee Candle never disappoints, so it's no surprise they're our fave candle brand! We're currently into sweet scents, so vanilla cupcake is right up our alley. We think it's the perfect addition to any bath, as it provides both ambiance and yummy smells.


(via Yankee Candle)


Cariloha Bamboo Bathrobe: $120

While you're preparing your bath for the ultimate experience, do it in style. We absolutely love this unisex bamboo and Egyptian cotton bathrobe. Instead of laying around in a towel for an hour after your bath, wear this bad boy instead!

woman in white robe

(via Cariloha)


Dionis Vanilla Bean Whipped Goat Milk Sugar Scrub: $15

We love using scrubs while in the bath, especially one like this from Dionis. It includes goat milk, chamomile and sugar for the ultimate combination. The whipped texture makes the exfoliant itself not too harsh on your skin, which is great for anyone with sensitivities.

whipped goat milk

(via Dionis Skincare)


HBlife Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray: $47.99

If you've yet to use a bath caddy, you haven't lived. When we take baths, we love to create an experience. That involves reading books, lighting candles and sometimes even nibbling on chocolate! This adjustable caddy makes all of that possible.

bath caddy

(via Amazon)


Frank Body, Body Cream: $21.95

Once your bath is complete, it's important to maintain moisture and hydration. We dig this body cream from Frank Body, as it's packed with pomegranate and caffeine, allowing your skin to wake up, firm and soften.

body cream

(via Frank Body)


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