The Best Beatles Gifts for the Beatlemaniac in Your Life

Is there any music group more iconic than The Beatles?

Considering that you can find them onTt-shirts at every store, that people of every generation can sing along to at least one song of theirs and that there is literally an entire movie about what would happen if everyone forgot that they existed (it's called Yesterday, in case you need a new pick for your next rom-com craving), we'd argue probably not. But while it's safe to say that most people are probably Beatles fans in some form, there are a few that can truly call themselves super fans.

If you're here reading this, there's already a pretty good chance that you know one of these super fans, and that you may be left in the position of needing to buy them a gift. We aren't just talking any gift ideas, either—we're talking perfect gifts for the Beatles fan you know—and we're here to help.

This Yellow Submarine Pack of Cards: $13

This gift comes straight from the official The Beatles Store itself, making it a pretty perfect gift right off the bat. Plus, it's portable, affordable and something that they'll actually use (unlike an actual yellow submarine, probably). We can't get enough of these great card designs featuring Paul, Ringo, George and John.

The Beatles Store Yellow Submarine Playing Cards

(via The Beatles Store)


This Puzzle Book for the Beatles Fan That's Always On the Go: $8

If the fan you know travels all the time (like they're a member of the actual band), get them this gift that will keep them entertained when dealing with flight delays and long layovers.

The Beatles Word Search Puzzle Book

(via Amazon)


This Smartwatch Band That Will Go Perfectly With Their Beatles-Themed Background: $39.90

Are you shopping for the person who is rarely ever seen without their smartwatch strapped to their arm? This is the perfect Beatles-themed gift for them.

The Beatles Abbey Road Smartwatch Band

(via Amazon)


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This Album Label Desk Clock: $35

Help your favorite Beatles fan keep time with style with a little help from this TunesCompany iron desk clock featuring an original label from The Beatles' Love Songs album. It's totally classic, resembling a vinyl album while looking amazing in any Beatles shrine.

The Beatles Love Songs Album Desk Clock

(via Etsy)


This Book That Makes for the Perfect Beatles Fan Bucket List: $11.49

This book is full of things that every Beatles fan should know and do in their lifetime—100 things, in fact. That makes it the perfect gift for fans of any age, especially if they're putting together a bucket list.

100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know Before They Die
(via Amazon)


These Pop Art Style Socks for the Artsy Fan You Know: $16+

While socks may seem like a "basic" gift, these bright multi-colored socks are anything but. Any Beatles fan is sure to feel happier every time they get to wear these out, or even just to feel cozy while listening to their favorite album at home.

The Happy Socks Store All Together Now Socks

(via Target)


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This Cropped Tee for the Fashionable Fan: $15

If the fan you know won't wear just any T-shirt, they'll surely love this cropped version from Target. Available in the women's section, this bright red top is the perfect pairing for any outfit.

Target Womens The Beatles T Shirt


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