The Best Beauty Podcasts to Keep You Busy Amid Quarantine

You've binge-watched everything on Netflix, and have blown through your required school reading—what now? Podcasts.

From daily news to murder mysteries, there's truly a podcast for every subject, and our favorite topic just happens to have a plethora of awesome podcasts: beauty. The podcast scene is bursting with new beauty shows hosted by legendary brand founders, beauty editors and skincare aficionados, and the listening options are endless.

Ahead, we've handpicked our favorite beauty podcasts so you can #stayhome without picking a fight with another family member.

Fat Mascara

For starters, Fat Mascara is an award-winning podcast, so you know there's some clout behind it. Hosted by Teen Vogue's Jessica Matlin and Marie Claire's Jennifer Goldsteinit's a go-to for beauty trends, new brands, and makeup and skincare worth purchasing. And, they tend to have killer guests like Jen Atkin and Charlotte Tilbury. 


(via Fat Mascara)


Beyond the Beauty

Hosted by the iconic Bobbi Brown, who's name and brand is legendary in the beauty space, Beyond the Beauty is a must-listen for anyone interested in the field or who wants to pursue a career in beauty. As a 25+ year veteran, Bobbi shares her valuable knowledge and experience, and covering everything from clean beauty to hair loss.

Bobbi Brown

(via Beyond the Beauty Bobbi Brown)


Breaking Beauty

Another podcast hosted by well-known beauty editors, Breaking Beauty touts Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins as its hosts. You can always count on them to have a super cool guest, like Emily Weiss of Glossier, for example. This is a great podcast if you're looking for career or business expertise.


(via Breaking Beauty)


Hello Beauty

Joyce Playton is the host of the beauty-centric podcast Hello Beauty, which deep dives into anything and everything you've ever wanted to know in the field. Interested in vegan makeup? Brow Lamination? Clean Beauty? Yep, there's an episode for that.


(via Hello Beauty)


That's So Retrograde

If you're looking for a listen that covers all the bases, then you've got to check out That's So Retrograde, which covers everything from wellness to beauty, to yes, astrology and new-age practices. After having hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari as guests on Sweety High's very own Girl Talk podcast, we can vouch for the girls' ability to keep listeners entertained.


(via That's So Retrograde)


Gloss Angeles

If you're looking for beauty girl talk with facts to back it up, check out Gloss Angeles, hosted by Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan–two beauty editors who are also real life BFFs. Their playful banter is infused with knowledgeable guests and easy to digest breakdowns of ingredients like retinol and vitamin C.


(via Gloss Angeles)


Goop Beauty Closet

A spinoff from the original the Goop podcast, the Goop Beauty Closet is hosted by the website's beauty editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O'Neill and has a heavy emphasis on all things clean beauty, with Gwyneth Paltrow's signature flair.


(via Goop)


A Little Too Much

A lifestyle podcast with a beauty spin, A Little Too Much is hosted by longtime beauty blogger and industry expert, Jamie Stone. On this show, you'll find a mix of entertaining stories from Jamie, accompanied by interviews with influencers, celebrities and entrepreneurs. She's brutally honest about it all: beauty, wellness, dating, fashion and even finances (it's never too early!).


(via A Little Too Much)


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