The Best Products Our Beauty Editors Tried in July

Every month, our beauty editors get to test out the latest and greatest products.

From hair care to skincare, and makeup to nails, there are so many products out there to choose from. Now that we've officially made it to August, we wanted to let you know all about the best products our beauty editors tried out in July. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Pacifica Beauty Vegan Ceramide Barrier Face Cream: $16

When a product is made with ingredients like amino acids, shea butter and vegan ceramides, we're all ears. After trying this face cream from Pacifica Beauty, we can officially say we've found our new fave face cream. If you have sensitive skin, we especially recommend this. Prepare to have balanced, moisturized and calm skin.

pacifica beauty vegan ceramide barrier face cream

(via Pacifica Beauty)


August + Monroe Blemish Camouflage: $38

Have you ever had acne on your face that was front and center? To the point where everyone would notice it? We know we sure have! Instead of infecting a blemish even more with tons of makeup and concealer, we turned to Blemish Camouflage from August + Monroe. It heals, primes and conceals acne. It's basically a smoothing effect IRL.

august monroe blemish camouflage

(via August + Monroe)


Kiramoon Moon Globes: $42

Here at Sweety High, we love a good facial device. And when we tried the moon globes from Kiramoon, they exceeded all of our expectations. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they work, too! If you have puffy or dull skin, a simple facial massage with these bad boys will leave you looking snatched in no time.

kiramoon moon globes

(via Kiramoon)


cocokind Probiotic Acne Serum: $18

There's just something about summer that makes our skin freak out. If this sounds like you, look no further than cocokind's Probiotic Acne Serum. Formulated with salicylic acid, beta hydroxy acid and postbiotics, it'll help your skin heal and look better in terms of acne, blackheads and even clogged pores.

cocokind probiotic acne serum

(via cocokind)


Complex Culture Beauty Good Glow Blush Duo: $30

We're having a major blush moment in 2021, wouldn't you say? So long is contouring! We're blushing (pun definitely intended) over this duo from Complex Culture. Featuring two stunning pink shades, this compact is sure to give you that perfect sun-kissed and glowy look you've been after all summer.

complex blush duo

(via Complex Culture Beauty)


Sara Happ The Dream Slip No2: $32

Not to be dramatic, but this Sara Happ lip product will literally change your life—or at least your lips. Dubbed the lip expert, Sara Happ knows exactly what she's doing. The Dream Slip is by far one of the best products she has to offer. Crafted with hyaluronic acid, butters and oils, simply apply this at night and wake up with soft and conditioned lips.

sara happ dream slip

(via Sara Happ)


Slick Stick Hair Company Slick Stick: $24.99

If you have baby hairs that are out of control, we're about to let you in on a little secret—the Slick Stick. Instead of applying a helmet of gel to your hair, this product will keep your hairs at bay in an effortless manner. And the best part? It looks super natural. So long crunchy, dirty and oily fly-aways.

slick stick hair company

(via Slick Stick Hair Company)


TriPollar Beauty Geneo Personal: $199

When one of our beauty editors tried out this at-home facial device from TriPollar, she knew she had discovered gold. Harnessing the power of oxygen technology, this device will leave you with a glowing and youthful complexion. Not only will you see an improvement in your skin's texture and tone, but the results will be immediate, too.

tripollar geneo personal

(via @tripollar_official)


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