These Are Our 6 Fave Beauty Subscription Boxes

Beauty boxes are all the rage, but with so many out there to choose from, which ones truly deserve your subscription dollars?

Below is our list of 6 beauty subscription boxes you need to get your hands on now.

1. Boxy Charm

For $21.00 a month you get 4-5 full-size beauty and skin products at your door. Not only is that about $100.00-worth of product for less than a quarter of the price, but many beauty boxes only offer travel sizes. Click HERE to check out this box.


2. Play! By Sephora

This box is a must-have because if you're like us, you basically live at Sephora. So instead of going to your fave beauty haven, let your fave beauty haven come to you! It's only $10.oo a month, and even though the products are only sample sizes, the box often features the latest that Sephora has to offer in store, and you can get your hands on it first. Check out the box HERE.

Sephora beauty box

(via Sephora)


3. Target Beauty Box

Wait. Hold up. Did someone say Target has a beauty box? Yes, you heard that right, my friends. Just when you thought Target couldn't get much better, they now offer a beauty box. The only downside is it isn't subscription-based yet. They offer it about every other month for about $7.00, and they sell out fast! Read more about it HERE.

target box

(via Target)


4. Petit Vour

If you prefer your products to be all-natural and vegan, then this beauty box will be just your style. It comes with about four products that are usually full size, and it contains everything from makeup to haircare to skincare. Find out more about this $15.00-a-month subscription box HERE.


5. Yuzen

If you want a spa experience delivered to your door four times a year then you can have it. At $33.00 a quarter, Yuzen provides you with full-size spa beauty products, and has been known to throw in some chocolate from time to time. Sign us up! Learn more HERE.


6. Ipsy

Ipsy is basically the O.G. of beauty subscriptions, although this isn't a box but more of a cute bag.  The reason we love Ipsy so much is it's personalized to your taste. Ipsy has you fill out a questionnaire before you subscribe so they know your skin tone and what colors would best suit you and your style. And at just $10.00 a month, no one is disappointed when their little pouch arrives. Read more HERE.

ipsy beauty box

(via Ipsy)


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