As we’re now in full spring mode, our bodies are getting used to the change in weather.

For some of us, that means dryness, while for others, it might mean we need to exfoliate more. Our beauty editors tried out all sorts of products last month, including hair, makeup, skincare and more. Out of everything they tried, their fave batch had to be the body care products they were sent. After sampling out a bunch of different products, they were able to narrow it down to the best of the best. Interested in what they loved? Keep scrolling for the best body care products our beauty editors tried in March!

NCLA Hey, Sugar Coconut Body Scrub: $32

If there’s one thing our beauty editors will never get sick of being sent, it’s body scrubs. NCLA just launched their new body scrub, and this sugar coconut scent is one of our beauty editors absolute favorites. Formulated with sugar, shea butter, mango butter, organic hemp seed oil and cocoa butter, this scrub will leave your skin looking and feeling glowing and completely moisturized. Plus, it’s 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free!

ncla coconut body scrub

(via NCLA Beauty)


Curie Orange Neroli Deodorant Stick: $12

Our go-to deodorant within the last year has been Kopari’s coconut one ($14), so when we were introduced to this orange neroli stick from Curie, we were interested to see if it’s a contender. And it totally is. It’s clean and aluminum free, which is actually present in way more deodorants than you’d probably think. Some key ingredients found in this stick are coconut oil, beeswax, elderberry extract and vitamin E, just to name a few!

curie orange neroli deodorant

(via Curie Bod)


Nion Beauty Opus Body Brush: $159

When we typically think of a body brush, we think of coarse bristles that really dig into your skin. This brush from Nion Beauty, though, is like nothing we ever could have imagined. The silicone bristles feel amazing, and paired with the brand’s S-ion Technology and Kinetic Skin Cleansing vibration, your skin will be left feeling absolutely incredible! By using this body brush, you’ll be able to prevent body acne and get rid of dead skin cells.

nion opus body brush

(via Nion Beauty)


Zum Hand Soap: $7.50

Over the last year, we’ve rediscovered the unparalleled importance of keeping your hands clean, and we’ve tried all kinds of hand washes, sanitizers and more. However, we don’t like any of them quite as much as we love Zum Hand Soap. Not only are they beautifully fragranced with essential oils (coming in Frankincense & Myrrh, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Lavender and Sea Salt scents) but they’re also wonderfully hydrating thanks to ingredients including olive, coconut and castor oils. With these soaps, you can kiss dry hands goodbye.

Zum Frankincense Myrrh hand soap

(via Indigo Wild)


Booby Tape Pink Clay Breast Mask: $38.25

One part of our body we probably almost never think of using skincare products on is our breasts. However, a lot of us tend to get skin blemishes and other impurities on them (especially if you have an active lifestyle), so why not take care of them? One of our beauty editors was sent this clay mask from Booby Tape, and while she was initially super skeptical, she now swears by it! Made with Kaolin Australian Clay, this product detoxes, repairs and refines.

booby tape skin

(via Booby Tape)


Miami Gorgeous Self Tanner: $24

If you aren’t blessed with naturally tan skin and you’re craving that summertime glow, a self-tanner is probably something you’re on the hunt for. Look no further, because this one from Miami Gorgeous is exactly what you need! This comes in a mousse form which is super easy to apply and is formulated with ingredients like argan oil, vitamins A, C and D, coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. It doesn’t leave streaks, is buildable and looks super natural, aka, all the things we want out of a self-tanner!

miami gorgeous self tanning mousse

(via Miami Gorgeous)


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