Whether it be for a birthday, a wedding, a graduation or just because, cake is a delight that we use to celebrate and to simply treat ourselves.

Cake may be made from basic ingredients—flour, sugar, butter, eggs, etc.)—yet it all comes together into such a delectable dessert that we love diving into whenever we get the chance—especially when you throw in the right flavor.

Since cake has been around for centuries and has found its way into cultures across the globe, there are plenty of flavors of cake out there these days. However, we’ll be the first ones to say that some flavors are simply better than others, and that has led us to whip up our own definitive ranking of the best cake flavors. Let’s stir it up by starting with:

11. German Chocolate Cake

This one can be divisive due to the unique combination of caramelly coconut, nuts and—of course—chocolate. For those who are a bit picky about texture and don’t enjoy coconut flakes, you might want to pass, but for the rest of us who understand the value that texture brings to a dessert like cake, this flavor undoubtedly deserves a spot on our ranking of the best.

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10. Angel Food Cake

A stark turn from the previous flavor, angel food cake has a certain simplicity and lightness to it (hence the name) that makes it perfectly snackable and worthy of a place on this list. However, just know that it’s not always the easiest to bake if you plan on attempting to make one yourself.

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9. Coffee Cake

Another frosting-free flavor to make it onto our ranking of the best cake flavors is coffee cake, which is a dense and satisfying streusel-topped adventure that’s good enough to eat for breakfast daily. However, it’s a more grown-up flavor that’s not exactly celebration friendly, which is why it’s only come up this far on our ultimate ranking.

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8. Lemon Pound Cake

Whether you get yours iced and from Starbucks or prefer to make your own at home, lemon pound cake is one of those delights that’s perfect for consuming year-round. Like coffee cake, though, this one is more of a pastry case treat at your local coffee shop than a dessert lover’s dream.

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7. Black Forest Cake

The only reason we didn’t rank this decadent, fruitful flavor higher is that it isn’t exactly an option that’s everyone’s first choice. Made with Morello cherries, chocolate cake, whipped cream and other classic ingredients, this one is actually German (unlike German chocolate cake) and is a favorite of those with more well-developed palates.

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6. Funfetti Cake

Who says you can only have funfetti cake on your birthday? There’s a reason why you can find “birthday cake”-flavored sweet treats just about everywhere you go (from your local froyo shop to the candy aisle): it’s a vibrant, leveled-up version of a traditional white or yellow cake that’s sure to get your taste buds partying like it really is your birthday.

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5. Chocolate Lava Cake/Devil’s Food Cake

We combined these two devilishly decadent delights (despite the fact they’re completely different creations) for one reason, and that’s because they’re both rich flavors that go heavy on the chocolate factor. Whether you prefer the molten center of lava cake or the fluffy texture of a slice of devil’s food cake, chocolate lovers will certainly agree that these ones earn their spot on this list.

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4. Carrot Cake

Cream cheese frosting lovers, it’s your turn to get excited. Carrot cake is a unique concoction that is hard not to love, even with an ingredient list that might sound more like a list of all your least favorite childhood snacks (carrots and raisins, anyone?). This flavor is far from a health food, though, and it’s one of those cakes that can be brought to a gathering of almost any kind. However, it’s not a total crowd-pleaser, since veggie-haters and anyone allergic to nuts will have to pass.

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3. Cheesecake

It’s hard to classify cheesecake as a “flavor” of cake since, like chocolate lava cake, it seems more like a standalone creation that a type of traditional cake. However, it has cake in the name and it’s a tangy, rich treat that’s hard to turn down, especially when paired with your favorite topping.

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2. Chocolate Cake

Wait, another type of chocolate cake? Yes indeed. The beauty of a good chocolate cake is in its customizability, as some bakers will add their own touch in the form of a ganache, chocolate shavings or even chocolate chips mixed throughout the cake itself. Plus, it requires less baking soda than devil’s food cake, making it a bit denser, and therefore a better dessert when you want to satisfy your biggest chocolate craving.

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1. Red Velvet Cake

The power of red velvet cake has long been debated, due mostly to the fact that it’s a flavor that relies heavily on food coloring to create the red hue it’s most famous for. However, we’ve ranked this one in at No. 1 on our list of the best flavors due to its well-balanced combination of chocolate and vanilla flavor and beloved cream cheese frosting. Plus, it really is just a pleasure to look at, making it the perfect choice for all kinds of cake-friendly celebrations.

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Ready to have your cake and eat it too? If so, you’ll probably want to start with one of the options listed here on our definitive ranking of the best cake flavors. And if you need some ice cream to go along with that cake, you can pick one of the flavors off our list of the best Ben & Jerry’s flavors by clicking HERE.