Here's the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Candle-Lover in Your Life

We know that we're not the only ones who love to have a deliciously scented candle burning 24/7, and when it comes to gift-giving, you can't lose with a candle that smells as good as it looks.

And we've tried pretty much every candle brand under the sun, so we know which ones are worth the cash, and which ones won't wow come gift-opening time. If you're looking for that perfect gift for the candle devotee in your life, here are the ones that'll bring the most joy this season.

Vixen Normal Is Boring Candle: $25

Vixen Candles specializes in hand-poured soy candles that are all about self-expression, and the messages on each of their colorful candles are anything but boring. We love the Normal Is Boring candle, with its devilish artwork and a fresh, fruity scent that blends peach and red apple with bold florals including jasmine and lily of the valley. If you're looking for candles with even spicier themes, be sure to check out all of their candle offerings.

Vixen candles normal is boring

(via Vixen Candles)


ADORAtherapy Chakra 5 Soy Candle With Lapis Lazuli Gemstones: $45 

Whether or not you're knowledgeable about chakras, the spiritual energy centers of the body according to some meditation practices, you can benefit from ADORAtherapy and their gorgeous chakra candles because they look and smell amazing—and even come with real crystals right inside the candle. For example, if you're someone who has trouble speaking their truth, or speaking up for themself, some may say that your throat chakra is closed. This gorgeous candle, with real lapis lazuli gemstones and a smell that combines florals and mint, is designed to open that chakra.

Adoratherapy chakra 5 soy candle

(via ADORAtherapy)


Zalenas Fluorite Candle: $45

Zalenas candles utilize real stones in their beautiful candle vessels, and we can't get enough of this one embedded with real Brazilian fluorite, shining in white, purple and blue. Once you've selected the candle jar you love most, you can fill it with any of their eight signature scents—and this is definitely a jar you'll want to reuse after you've burned it for 70-plus hours and used up the entire candle.

Zalena's fluorite candle

(via Zalenas)


UpCircle Beauty Chai Latte Soy Wax Candle: $28

Can't stand waste? Then you'll love the fact that this candle was scented with recycled chai spices, which were previously used to create chai concentrate for drinks. It's also a sustainably sourced soy candle, so you can burn without guilt—and you won't believe how good it smells.  

Upcricle Beauty chai latte soy candle

(via UpCircle Beauty)


Presley Paige Mentally Somewhere Else Soy Candle: $39.50

Presley Paige carries the cutest gifts around, and we're huge fans of this Mentally Somewhere Else candle. With the holiday season just around the corner, who hasn'been drifting off a little bit these days? In addition to the bold black-and-neon design, it has a refreshing scent of spicy Hawaiian awapuhi, aloe and agave.

Presley Paige mentally somewhere else soy candle

(via Presley Paige)


House of Intuition Creativity Magic Candle: $18

House of Intuition are the masters of intentional candles, and lately, we've been most drawn to their Creativity Magic Candle, which is designed to help users manifest their creativity—and infused with "magic" as it's created. Not only are the pearly layers of wax in yellow, blue, red and white great for thinking about your own sense of creativity, but the candle is scented with oils, and there's also a stone inside the candle. Once it's done burning, the crystal is said to be supercharged with your intention. Be sure to dig it out and keep it with the rest of your crystals to keep your creativity high when it's needed.

House of Intuition creativity magic candle

(via House of Intuition)


Lifetherapy x Jessy Schram Gift Box: $85

Maybe this is cheating, but we love that this Lifetherapy x Jessy Schram Gift Box contains not one, but two, stunning candles with incredible scents. The Comfort Holiday Soy Candle is scented with pine, balsam and sandalwood to allow you to tap into a nostalgic sense of holiday wellness, while the Joy Holiday Candle Smells of cinnamon, clove and pine to evoke the festive holiday spirit. The set also comes with a turquoise bracelet to help you remember these feelings all year round.

Lifetherapy jesse shram gift box

(via Lifetherapy)


DW Home Juniper Wreath Candle: $14 

DW Home has one of the most impressive collections of candle scents we've ever seen, and if you're looking for a beautiful candle with a certain scent, chances are that DW Home has it. This holiday, we're all about natural scents that remind us of the great outdoors, and we're in love with this Juniper Wreath-scented candle, which smells like a fresh Christmas tree blended with rosemary and mistletoe.

DW Home Juniiper Wreath candle

(via DW Home)


Jill & Ally Good Luck Charm Tiger's Eye Crystal Manifestation Candle: $45

Can you tell that we love a good crystal-infused candle? Jill & Ally's new collection of crystal manifestations allows you to pick something you want to bring into your life, such as self-love, positivity or peace and quiet, and burn that candle to bring it into your life. We think everyone can use more good luck, so their Good Luck Charm has to be our favorite. It's scented with the sweet, fruity scent of pink champagne and contains real tiger's eye stone for prosperity, determination, willpower and confidence.

Jill & Ally good luck candle
(via Jill & Ally)


Vacation Home Resort Three Candle Set: $96

Here's another candle bundle designed to be a feast for the senses. The Home Resort Three Candle Set comes from the sunscreen brand vacation, which is all about blending the most incredible fragrances with powerful protection, and these candles also look as good as they smell. High Ceiling Resort Lobby smells of fresh flowers and air conditioning, while Partial Ocean View Suite has the scent of clean linen and an island breeze, and  Well-Tipped Pool Boy smells like coconut sunscreen with just a hint of swimming pool and cologne. They're essentially a vacation in a set of candles, and we're obsessed.

Vacation Home Resort candles

(via Vacation)


Anecdote Candles Midnight Moonlight Candle: $34

Like the name suggests, Anecdote Candles are designed to be conversation starters—and they definitely make that happen with the unique wording on each style of candle. Not only is the plum and sandalwood scent of this Midnight Moonlight candle positively delicious, but we love its description of repeated resolutions that don't come to pass, as well as wishful thinking. It's a great candle for burning beyond Christmas and into the new year.

Anecdote Candles midnight moonlight

(via Anecdote Candles)


Majenye Sweet Memories Coconut Candle: $54

Majenye is a brand that makes coco apricot crème wax, which is sustainably made with coconuts and apricots, while also having a better scent throw than other waxes (meaning it'll quickly fill the room with its delicious scent). We can't get enough of this Sweet Memories candle, combining all of our favorite florals in jasmine, neroli and ylang ylang, into one refreshingly bold scent.

Majenye Sweet Memories coconut candle

(via Majenye)


Les Deux No. 2 Candle: $45 

Les Deux has been one of our go-to fragrance brands for a while now, so when we discovered that our favorite, their No. 2 fragrance, was also available in the form of a candle, we could not be happier. The sweet scent of this candle combines amber with jasmine, sandalwood and more to create an everyday smell you'll keep coming back to. Plus, we're obsessed with the sleek black profile of the candle itself.

Les Deux No. 2 candle

(via Les Deux)


Henry Rose Jake's House Candle: $65

Here's another chic black candle that'all about the scent. Henry Rose is a fine fragrance brand that specializes in nine incredible scents, and this candle allows you to enjoy the popular Jake's House fragrance in a whole new way. Jake's House is a clean scent that blends neroli flower with musk, and once you smell it, you won't want to stop smelling it.

Henry Rose Jake's House candle

(via Henry Rose)


Seed Phytonutrients Cedar Leaf & Sage Soy Wax Candle: $25

Last but not least is this candle from Seed Phytonutrients, a brand that specializes in high-performance beauty and home products made with seed oil and extracts. Of course, this soy candle uses only natural ingredients, including a powerful cedar and sage essential oil blend, bringing the fresh, clean scent of nature to any area of your home.

Seed Phytonutrients cedar leaf and safe candle

(via Seed Phytonutrients)

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