Candles We're Loving the Most This Summer

If there's one thing we can't live without, it's a good candle.

When we're home, we light them all the time and put them in every room. Plus, we don't discriminate against the scents! Whether it's tropical, earthy, sweet or something in between, we want them all. These days, we're in the transition from summer to fall candles, and while it isn't quite time to whip out the pumpkin scents, there are some aromas we think are totally appropriate.

Keep reading for the candles we're loving the most this summer.

Paddywax La Playa Salted Blue Agave Candle: $27

When you light this baby up, your mind instantly takes you to the sandy beaches of La Playa. Featuring notes of grapefruit, basil, moss and vanilla, this candle from Paddywax is truly incredible. Plus, the glass itself is handblown, making each one a bit different than the last.


(via Paddywax)


Isola Honest Vanilla Candle: $24

When it comes to candles, we love repurposing them for other uses, which is exactly what you can do with this ceramic jar and lid from Isloa! The jar itself says Honest, which is a great reminder to have around. Featuring delicious scents of vanilla, you'll obsess over this candle.


(via Isola Body)


Linnea's Lights Reserve Dark Santal Candle: $40

If you're into chic accessories around the house, Linnea's Lights has got you covered. Their Reserve collection comes in a stunning matte black shade and will tie any room together. Featuring notes of sandalwood, cedar and bergamot, this candle was made for those into unisex scents.


(via Linnea's Lights)


Isle de Nature Scent Coin: $20

If you love the smell of candles but aren't into lighting them or having fire around you, we found the perfect solution. Isle de Nature offers a scent coin, which essentially smells exactly like their signature candle! Featuring a blend of spices, florals and woods, this coin is perfect for your clothing drawer, bookshelf, bathroom or even living room!


(via Isle de Nature)


The Spa Girl Life Moonlight Reflections Candle: $39.95

Hand-poured in Santa Barbara, California, these candles from The Spa Girl Life were made with love. Featuring notes of lemon, jasmine and musk, this blend leaves you with a crisp linen scent. Plus, not only do you receive a candle, but you also get two small crystals! The formula of the candle is supposed to ease anxiety and clear your mind—perfect for your work space or bedside table.


(via The Spa Girl Life)


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