7 Candles to Make Your Home Smell Like Your Favorite Celebrity or Character

Unless you get a chance opportunity to come skin-to-skin with your favorite celebrity, you'll probably never know what they smell like. Even worse, you might be madly in love with a fictional character who'll never exist beyond a television screen or the pages of a book.

Scents are one of those things that really make a person feel human. If you're curious to know what your favorite celebrity or character might smell like, a few candle companies have graced us with candles inspired by them. Keep reading to see some of the ones we found and loved, and be sure to search for a candle of your favorite character or celebrity.

Jimin: $17.25

Apparently, Jimin uses Jo Malone's Orange Blossom fragrance, and we're not surprised that Jimin would smell so expensive. But, as this Etsy candle puts it, Jimin's energy is both sweet and masculine, which can be summarized in warm vanilla, cotton and musk. Until you're able to become BFFs with Jimin, this candle will have to do.

smells like jimin candle

(via Please You Candle Co.)


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Harry Styles: $19.50

Back in 2020, Target (yes, Target of all places) went viral for selling a candle that smells exactly like Harry Styles. Unfortunately, the candle quickly sold out and hasn't been brought back. Thanks to Cool Girl Candles, you can get an alternative that smells like smoky tobacco, creamy vanilla and cocoa that sounds pretty similar to Harry's rumored favorite cologne, Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille Eau du Parfum.


Jacob Black: $18

Given that Jacob Black is part wolf, we're surprised he doesn't have a terrible smell. CE Craft Candles tells that Jacob Black's scent is reminiscent of mahogany teakwood and lavender. Fingers crossed that this is what he actually smells like (and not wet fur).


Taylor Swift: $19.50

Taylor Swift has one of the sweetest personalities, and, of course, she has to smell just as sweet. Cool Girl Candles calls the Taylor Swift candle a blend of pomegranate, decadent florals and patchouli. It makes sense, considering Taylor regularly used Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb during her Red era.


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Eddie Munson: $28.20

Eddie Munson was kind of one of those characters who let the wind take him wherever, so it makes sense that he'd have a breezy, neutral scent like fresh cotton and sea salt. This candle is great for every type of person, just like how no one could resist loving Eddie in Stranger Things 4.

smells like eddie munson

(via AB Market Design)


Doja Cat: $19.50

Cool Girl Candles describes the Doja Cat as a "Juicy" and wild berry fragrance with subtle notes of vanilla and mandarin. Doja Cat's Hot Pink was our girly dream, and it makes sense that she would have a fruity, youthful smell to match her carefree personality.


Dean Winchester: $19.50

Because of Dean Winchester's tough, manly personality, we're not surprised that he has a candle made with notes of smoke, amber and spices. These are the poster scents of any dark, masculine fragrance. It's been missing-Dean-Winchester hours since Supernatural ended, so we'll gladly be burning this candle.


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