The 5 Best Celeb Impersonations Done by YouTubers

Ah, YouTubers—what a creative bunch.

While we love these internet personalities all on their own, we especially love when they decide to be someone else for the day. What are we talking about? Celebrity impersonations, of course!

If you're ready to combine your fave celebs with your most-loved digital personalities, keep scrolling for the five best celeb impersonations done by YouTubers.

Julia Finkelstein as Ariana Grande

Julia Finkelstein's 73 Questions With Ariana Grande Vogue Parody is gold. She nails the look, she nails the voice, she nails the mannerisms, she nails everything. As one commenter says, "She sounds like Ariana more than Ariana sounds like Ariana." We'd have to agree. This celeb impersonation is seriously impressive. 


Niki and Gabi as Kendall and Kylie

Niki and Gabi are known for their celebrity impersonations, but our favorite has to be their drive-thru prank dressed as Kendall and Kylie. While Niki makes for a cute Kendall, we have to give some major props to Gabi's Kylie. Gabi softens her voice and changes the cadence to sound nearly exactly like Kylie. She finishes the video by talking about her skin care line, and even rubs some of their Arby's food on her face to mimic a Kylie Skin face scrub. It's not a perfect impersonation, but it's pretty darn entertaining.


Shameless Maya as Nicki Minaj

Along with her cousin, Shameless Maya transformed herself into Nicki Minaj and set out on a filmed competition to see who made the better Nicki. The result is simply and beautifully hilarious. Their Nicki faces are totally on point, but it's the rapping that really got us. They definitely infused some serious Nicki vibes into their performance, and we enjoyed every second.


Natalia Taylor as Taylor Swift

In this video, YouTuber Natalia Taylor transforms herself into a "Walmart version" of Taylor Swift, complete with checked pants, a black turtleneck and plenty of surprised faces. Then, she throws on a pair of cat eye sunglasses and red lipstick and heads out into the world. Although most people immediately call her out as an imposter, Natalia goes to great lengths to act like the real Taylor. We appreciate her effort, and we probably would have been fooled if we ran into her in real life.


Meghan McCarthy as Post Malone

Baby-voiced YouTuber Meghan McCarthy didn't hold back on her celebrity impersonation. Instead of shooting for someone easy, she transformed herself into Post Malone. She took plenty of time to copy Posty's tattoos exactly and applied fake tufts of hair to her face to make a beard. The end result is messy, but pretty hilarious. We love this video mainly because the path Meghan takes to turn into Post Malone is full of roadblocks. It's funny watching her put the look together, even if the people who see her are less than thrilled.


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