5 of the Best Cities to Study Abroad In

Whether you've already made the decision to study abroad or you're just trying to get some ideas in case you do decide to do so in the future, you're already off to a great start.

But now it's on to the important part—where you're going to study abroad! Location is everything, no matter if you're doing a simple spring break program, going for the summer or even doing a year-long school exchange. If you don't yet have any ideas in mind, here are a few classic favorites for the best cities to study abroad in.

1. London, England

If you think that studying abroad in London won't be that special simply because it's an English-speaking country, think again. This city is filled to the brim with art, diverse culture and so much history, and that doesn't even count all the day trips to other parts of the United Kingdom you can easily take by coach or by train. Plus, the weather and food aren't as bad as the stereotypes may make it seem—there are plenty of sunny days (especially during summer) and the food is some of the best in the world, both in terms of Michelin-starred restaurants and the local chip shop down the street from your dorm.


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2. Florence, Italy

Does consuming copious amounts of pasta, pizza and gelato while getting course credit for it sound like a dream to you? If you study abroad in Florence, it could be your reality! A popular destination for both summer and semester-long programs, this city is famed for its Renaissance art, architecture, fashion and, of course, incredible food. It's really only a bonus that this Tuscan city is nestled perfectly between other Italian must-sees like Rome, Milan and Venice, all of which are no more than an easy train ride away.


3. Paris, France

If re-watching Emily in Paris for the fourth time has you constantly daydreaming about strolling through the city of lights, use studying abroad as your excuse to drink in every sight that this one-of-a-kind city has to offer. Paris is full of more than just boulangeries where you can pick up a good baguette—it's also one of the top destinations in the world for history, art and even education. After all, some of the most famous universities in the world are located in Paris, making it a perfect spot to explore it all while getting some studying done, as well.


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4. Melbourne, Australia

If you're looking for something a little more out of the box than your "average" European study abroad destination, you might want to try Australia. Sure, most of us think of Sydney immediately, but you might first want to consider Melbourne, a cultural mecca of all the things this country/continent has to offer. It's more of a city feel than you might get with older study abroad locations, and it doesn't hurt that English is once again the common tongue (although the accents and terminologies are so different that sometimes you might question it). The seasons are reversed and you might want to book a trip to the beach a few times while you're there, but don't forget to squeeze in a trip to a few Asian countries while you're there as well (Australia is far closer to popular spots like Thailand and Vietnam than the United States, so it's easier and more affordable to go while you're already on that side of the world).


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5. Barcelona, Spain

If you're planning on going for a shorter study abroad (a week to a month or slightly more), Barcelona is a great spot to keep in mind. It's a unique city that stands out both from the rest of Europe and the rest of Spain—they even speak a different variation of the language than what you'll find in Madrid and other cities. It's worth exploring every corner of it, and you can consume all the tapas your heart desires before sleeping it off during a pre-class/study siesta.


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