The Hair Colors We'll See at Coachella 2022, According to Colorist and Hairstylist Linh Phan

There's no bigger music festival than Coachella, and in 2022, it's going to be back—and better than ever.

At Coachella, the style is nearly as important as the music, and that definitely includes hair. It's practically a crime to wear boring hair to Coachella, which is why we turned to colorist, hairstylist and Schwarzkopf Professional USA Digital Artist Linh Phan for some inspiration. He filled us on all of the colors and cuts we'll be seeing at the festival—and gave us some advice on how to maintain them all weekend long.

Sweety High: What colors and color combinations are we going to see all over Coachella? 

Linh Phan: Colorful but tasteful bright colors and pastels, also utilized in extensions and added hair to braids for a temporary pop of color

Linh Phan black and bleach hair color

(Photo credit: Linh Phan)


SH: Are there any cuts you think we'll be seeing at the festival?

LP: Wolf cuts and short blunt bobs are all the rage and will definitely be seen at Coachella.


SH: If you're going to be rocking a new color at Coachella, how far ahead do you recommend getting the treatment done? What products do you recommend to keep the look fresh until the big event?

LP: If you want your hair braided or colored for Coachella, I recommend scheduling it as close as possible, even the day before you leave, so your color stays bright and your style stays fresh.

For products, I definitely recommend a dry shampoo foam to refresh your hair since it is hot, but beforehand, you'll want to be using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. I like Ouai Dry Shampoo FoamAngel Wash and Angel Rinse.


SH: Do you have any advice for taking care of a new 'do, both in terms of cut and color, in the grimy, hot conditions of a festival like Coachella? Any products you love for maintenance in the desert?

LP: Again, definitely the dry shampoo foam! And also a salt spray for a natural way to create texture and curl without a blowdryer. And also the GHD Unplugged flat iron, which is battery charged and cordless so you can use it wherever—even in the middle of the desert!


SH: Is there anything else we should know about Coachella hair trends?

LP: Braids are the way to go! You can go many days without washing, which is ideal for these conditions. But also scrunchies, claw clips and hats are on-trend right now and perfect for a festival.

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