10 Low-Key Comments You Can Confidently Leave on Your Crush's Instagram Posts

Commenting on your crush's Instagram can be nerve-racking.

You want to appear cool, but also get noticed. It's a hard line to dance around, but this handy guide of the 10 best Instagram comments to leave on your crush's pic will help you achieve both.

Gossip girl still

(Gossip Girl via The CW)

The perfect low-key comment for when they're griping about something at school:

Same! ✋


The comment to use when they post a picture with their crew:

"Your code is about family."


When they share a pic of themselves looking fancy:

Dressed to the nines, tens and elevens.

Gossip Girl still(Gossip Girl via The CW)


When your crush uploads a photo of a delicious dish:



The cheeky comment to post when your crush posts a picture of themselves being athletic:

No sweat. ????


When your crush posts a picture of themselves with their pup, seize the moment with this comment:

Looking ruff. ???? #dogsofinstagram


Use this sly comment when you want to catch their attention on a random post:

….that reminds me!


Don't be afraid to post this comment if your crush posts new music or a concert vid:

Please don't stop the music ????


The comment to post when your crush posts an image of themselves getting ready for a dance:

Tick tock. ⏰


(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


The sweetest comment for when your crush uploads a picture of the two of you:

Two peas in a pod.


Now that you have an arsenal of comments for your crush, read on for THE perfect Instagram captions when you have braces.