These Dapper Dogs Are the Best-Dressed Pups on Instagram

It turns out you don't have to be human to be an Insta model.

These 22 stylish Instagram stars are only dogs, but they're better-dressed than most real people – and they definitely deserve a spot in your Insta feed. We bet you can't make it through this post without following at least one!


Digby Van Winkle the griffon

Follow him (and his bro Aloysius) here: @digbyvanwinkle


Bodhi the Shiba Inu

A photo posted by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) on

Follow him here: @mensweardog


Chloe Kardoggian the Chihuahua

Follow her here: @chloekardoggian


Doug the pug

A photo posted by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

Follow him here: @itsdougthepug


Jinkee the red toy poodle

Follow her here: @lifeofjinkee


Loki the corgi

Follow him here: @lokistagram


Big Frank the French bulldog

Follow him (and his sisters Doris, Lola, and Myra) here: @threelittlefrenchies


Remix the miniature schnauzer

A photo posted by Remix the Dog (@remixthedog) on

Follow him here: @remixthedog


Toby LittleDude the Maltese

Follow him here: @toby_littledude


Scruffy the lhasapoo

Follow him here: @scruffy_in_seattle


Kingsley the Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Follow him (and his little sister Sailor) here: @kingsleyandsailor


Nutello the pug

Follow him here: @nutellothepug


Maru the Shiba Inu

A photo posted by Shinjiro Ono (@marutaro) on

Follow him here: @marutaro


Geordi La Corgi

A photo posted by Geordi La Corgi (@lacorgi) on

Follow him here: @lacorgi


Samson the goldendoodle

Follow him here: @samsonthedood


Cesar the French bulldog

Follow him here: @cesar_frenchie


Crusoe the dachshund

Follow him here: @crusoe_dachshund


Rosenberg the aussiepoo

Follow him here: @rosenbergthedog


Koki the shih tzu

A photo posted by Koki – a liver Shih Tzu (@kokistateofmind) on

Follow him here: @kokistateofmind


Daisy the English bulldog

A photo posted by Daisy (@daisygordita) on

Follow her here: @daisygordita


Rusty Rodas the golden retriever

A photo posted by RUSTY RODAS (@rustyrodas) on

Follow him here: @rustyrodas


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