10 Ear Piercing Combinations That Prove Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Looking to add another piercing to your ear?

Before you decide on one, we recommend you find an option that complements the ones you already have, or plan on getting.

Scroll below for 10 ear piercing combinations that prove teamwork makes the dream work.

1. Double Lobe + Forward Helix

The double lobe is one anyone can pull off, and it works well with a wide variety of piercings. We especially love it with the forward helix, because they work well to balance out one another. On its own, the forward helix can feel intimidating and obtrusive, but with the double lobe, it looks clean and pristine.

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2. Triple Lobe + Conch

Lobes are the easiest part to pierce, because they hurt the least. If you're ready to add more piercings, start with a few more lobe ones, then add the conch. Tucked inside your ear, it's easily hidden, but will catch everyone's eye. The triple lobe and conch combo is a bit mysterious, as it causes people to wonder if you have a fourth lobe piercing or if they even saw a piercing at all.


3. Double Tragus + Conch

There's a nice little juxtaposition that happens when the double tragus and conch piercings are combined on one ear. It almost creates this sort of optical illusion, throwing people for a loop. If you like confusing others, this is very much the piercing combo for you.

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4. Transverse Lobe + Industrial

Covering the top and bottom of your ear, the transverse lobe and industrial piercings are all the more powerful together. They offer symmetry that just feels so right. Everything in our life feels right just looking at the combination.


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5. Rook + Helix

Because the lobes are the least painful spot to get pierced, many people ignore the upper portion of the ear to minimize discomfort. If you have a high pain tolerance, we suggest trying this combo on for size. It's all sorts of attention-grabbing, so it's sure to get you noticed.

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6. Daith + Tragus

We're not the biggest fans of having too many piercings close together, but the daith and tragus combo works really well together. They draw attention to the ear and feel equal parts classy and fun.


7. Auricle + Lobe

The auricle-lobe duo is one anyone can pull off. The piercings themselves are super simple, but the possibilities of earrings you can use for each one are endless. Don't be afraid to play around with different jewelry, if and when you decide on getting this combo.

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8. Rook + Auricle

Though it's a larger piercing, the rook tends to be easily hidden by the hair and its sneaky placement. With the addition of the auricle piercing, it'll get the attention it deserves. The auricle always gets people and then they'll stay to stare at the beauty of your rook piercing.

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9. Daith + Industrial

If you're proud of your piercings and love talking about them, this is the combination for you. You'll surely stand out from the crowd rocking both the daith and industrial. The question is, are you daring enough to get it done on both ears?

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10. Flat Helix + Conch

If you prefer to keep your piercings hidden and tucked away, we recommend the flat helix and conch combination. Both of these can easily be concealed, even when your hair is behind your ear. We love this duo, because it's all about coordinating them to work off of one another. Whether you match the color or size of the piercing, is up to you.

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