These 5 Eye Creams Will Stop Your Makeup From Creasing

If you love doing your makeup but find that your under-eye area always seems to crease, you're not alone.

As we get older, makeup will settle into our fine lines, but the best way to make creasing as minimal (or non-existent) as possible is with the right eye cream. Skin prep is so important when it comes to makeup looking good and lasting all day long, and with a good eye cream, you can avoid creasing. Here are five of our absolute favorites.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue: $65

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Eye Rescue is just that—magic! Formulated with retinol molecules, red algae and coconut oil, this cream works to smooth and plump the under-eye area. It additionally moisturizes the skin, which is a must if you're going to be layering makeup. And while it is on the pricier side, we think it's well worth every penny.

(via Charlotte Tilbury)


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Glow Recipe Guava Vitamin C Bright-Eye Gel Cream: $38

We've never met a product we didn't like from Glow Recipe, and their Guava Vitamin C Bright-Eye Gel Cream has quickly become one of our absolute fave products from the brand. Made with guava seed oil, vitamin C, niacinamide and peptides, this formula works to brighten the under-eyes and blends perfectly with concealer.

(via Glow Recipe)


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You're probably familiar with GLAMGLOW for their unmatched face masks, but did you know they also make an amazing eye cream? Crafted with ingredients like caffeine, hyaluronic acid and peptides, this cream revitalizes and brightens the under-eye area, making for the perfect base to apply makeup.



Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream: $64

We'll admit it—we're completely obsessed with Drunk Elephant, and can you blame us? Their C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream, in particular, is a great product that will leave your under-eye area looking snatched. Formulated with vitamin C, cucumber extract and peptides, you can expect to have a brighter and stronger skin barrier, which is key to makeup application.

(via Drunk Elephant)


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Dr. Brandt No More Baggage: $42

If your makeup tends to crease under your eyes, particularly because of bags, you need to get your hands on Dr. Brandt's No More Baggage lightweight gel cream. The formula works to de-puff the area, smooth the skin and get rid of dark circles. Trust us when we say your makeup will look a million times better with this.

(via Dr. Brandt)


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