6 Face Serums (at Any Budget) We've Used Every Drop Of

When it comes to beauty and skincare products, we've pretty much tried them all.

One of the items we get sent all of the time is face serums. In fact, at this very moment, we have about 30 different serums. So, how do we know what's good, bad or worth the money? We try them all. And after some very vigorous testing of our own, we've finally found the ones you need, at any budget. Keep scrolling for the six face serums we've used every single drop of (seriously, every drop).

Pacifica Beauty Vegan Collagen Complex Serum: $22

We're suckers for anything with collagen, so it comes as no surprise that this serum from Pacifica Beauty made it onto our list! Formulated with vegan collagen, hyaluronic acid, Japonica seed oil and flower extracts, your skin will be left looking dewy and feeling ultra-moisturized.

face serum

(via Pacifica Beauty)


Pixi Beauty Overnight Glow Serum: $24

Pixi is without a doubt our fave drugstore beauty brand of all time, and their best-selling Overnight Glow serum just might be their best product. Made with a blend of vitamins, cucumber, aloe vera, glycolic acid and arginine, your skin will be both exfoliated and smoothed overnight. Trust us when we say you'll wake up with a glow.

face serum

(via Pixi Beauty)


DOCTOR BABOR LIFTING RX Comfort Vitamin C Serum: $69

If you're on the hunt for a vitamin C serum to add to your skincare routine, look no further than this one from Babor! The serum can be used by people with even the most sensitive skin and is formulated with key ingredients like vitamin C ester, hyaluronic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids—all the good stuff your skin craves.

face serum

(via Babor)


Hugh & Grace Renewing Night Serum: $90

If you're a fan of having baby soft skin, you're going to fall head over heels for the Renewing Night Serum from Hugh & Grace. This serum has completely changed the way our skin looks and feels, and we can say that with 100% confidence since we've used every last drop. Crafted with nutrient-rich oils as well as vitamins and antioxidants, your skin will be smoother and healthier the moment you wake up.

face serum

(via Hugh & Grace)


Hugh & Grace Face Serum: $95

Hugh & Grace knows what they're doing when it comes to their serums, which is why we also had to include their daytime serum. This one feels a bit lighter than the nighttime serum, yet goes on just as smoothly. Made with a mixture of vitamins and oils like pumpkin, black cumin seed and rosehip, your skin will be hydrated and rejuvenated just in time to take on your day.

face serum

(via Hugh and Grace)


Venn Advanced Multi-Perfecting Red Oil Serum: $115

When a small bottle costs a whopping $115, you better believe it's going to work. The Red Oil Serum from Venn is pretty much magic in a bottle. After key ingredients like gromwell and Korean angelica root extracts have been fermented for 150 hours, it's no wonder that skin's elasticity, firmness and radiance are all improved.

face serum

(via @vennskincare)


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