5 Fun Fall Date Ideas to Try

Ah, autumn.

The onset of fall means crunching leaves underfoot just for fun and finally breaking out all our favorite sweaters, but those aren't the only great things about this colorful time of year! Fall also means fall activities, and fall activities mean fun date ideas to try.

Whether you have a new boo (um, hello cuffing season), a long-time partner or are happily single and just want an excuse to have a friend date, here are some ideas to give a go before winter starts setting in (no apple-picking included):

1. Decorate Non-Spooky Pumpkins

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean the pumpkin-fueled fun has to be! Most places, including grocery stores, will have real and fake pumpkins on sale or clearance after Halloween. That means you can scoop a couple for super cheap, grab your paintbrushes or even just a solid set of sharpies and get creative with the fall designs. You could do something cute for your upcoming Thanks(or Friends-)giving or just turn yours into a cute version of your partner's face. Basically, the options are endless.

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2. Have a Fall Picnic

Because the sun now sets a whole lot earlier, you can have a sunset picnic and still have plenty of time left in the evening to make it home by your curfew. Grab a blanket, stop by Trader Joe's for some autumnal snacks and set up in a nearby park—just remember to bring blankets for those ever-dropping temperatures.


3. Go Leaf-Hunting

If you live somewhere that experiences a true fall and all the changing leaves that come along with it, take advantage and go hunting for the best leaves. You can twist this in a few ways: Drive or walk around town and look for the trees with the prettiest leaves, go on a hike and see who can find the crunchiest leaves or head to one of your front yards and collect leaves into a giant pile for jumping into.

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4. Volunteer

Is there a cuter date idea than one that involves doing some good while you're at it? The start of fall means that a lot of people are going to be struggling with homelessness and hunger worse than ever before, especially with all the extra challenges brought on by the pandemic. Do some research and look for soup kitchens, food drives, homeless shelters or toy collections near you that are in need of volunteers and coordinate a time when you both can go in together. The experience will bring you closer to your date while also helping a good cause, and that's something even sweeter than all the pumpkin pie you'll be digging into on Thanksgiving.


5. Host a Movie Marathon

If the weather where you live has already gotten a little unfriendly for outdoor activities, bring the fall fun indoors with a full-on movie marathon. It's the perfect weather for a bit of Harry Potter bingeing, and you can even get creative making some themed treats to accompany you both on the couch. The best part is that if you're still early into dating or straight-up single, you can invite other friends and couples to this get-together (and discuss your Hogwarts houses while you're at it).

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The beauty of fun fall dates is that the ideas are practically endless! You don't need to stick to just the classics anymore—nothing wrong with apple picking, but why not switch it up this year?

And if the thought of fall bringing on cuffing season alone has you stressed, don't worry. We've got everything you need to survive cuffing season covered. Just click HERE for your easy guide.