All the Tastiest Fall-Themed Treats That DON'T Incorporate Pumpkin Spice

As much as we love ourselves a good PSL, pumpkin spice is far from the only fall flavor worth indulging in this season.

From ginger and apple to maple and chai, there are a number of flavors that are all wonderfully evocative of the season, without having to taste like a plump slice of pie. Curious to see what we're loving this year? Just keep scrolling to find out.

Molly Bz The Bossman Cookie

Maple has to be one of our favorite fall flavors, and we love the way Molly Bz's The Bossman cookie blends the sweet, syrupy goodness of maple with white chocolate chips and salty, meaty bacon to make for an unforgettable flavor experience. Maple and bacon are a match made in heaven, and thanks to their inclusion, this cookie is practically a meal in itself.

molly bz the bossman cookie

(via Molly Bz)


Moon Man x Umamicart Thai Tea Kaya Jam

Kaya jam is a kind of coconut spread popular throughout Southeast Asia, and Moon Man makes some of the best kaya jam around—especially when they infuse them with unique flavors. This Thai Tea flavor was made in collaboration with Umamicart, flavoring the jam with black tea spiced with star anise, cardamom and tamarind to be bold as well as warming. Add it to your favorite dessert or simply spread it on toast to get that cozy fall goodness in every bite.

moon man umamicart chai jam

(via Umamicart)


buchi Fire Kombucha

We love ginger during the fall because of the heat it brings, warming us from the inside out, and buchi's Fire kombucha blend adds both ginger and cayenne to really spice things up. It may be hot, but that's just what you need as the temperatures dip to perk you up, and the active probiotics and digestive enzymes will help you feel even better.

buchi fire kombucha

(via buchi)


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Partners Coffee Apple Cider Tea

There are few things better than sipping on a hot, spiced apple cider as the leaves start to change color this fall, and this tasty Apple Cider Tea from Partners Coffee means you can brew it up yourself, right at home. Each sachet contains a mix of real apple pieces paired with earthy, herbal rooibos tea, orange peel, cinnamon and licorice root for the perfect flavor combination every time, with or without your favorite sweetener.

partners apple cider herbal tea

(via Partners Coffee)


XO Marshmallow Butterbeer Marshmallows

XO Marshmallow has the fluffiest, best-tasting marshmallows we've ever had the pleasure of stuffing into our mouths, but they're somehow made even better with the butterscotchy goodness of Butterbeer. It combines that buttery caramel flavor with cinnamon, cream and vanilla to warm our souls and put a smile on our faces.

xo marshmallows butterbeer marshmallows

(via XO Marshmallow)


Elmhurst Chai Spice Oat Creamer

Just because you're done with pumpkin spice for a little bit doesn't mean you can't whip up a mean fall-flavored latte, and Elmhurst's Chai Spice Oat Creamer makes it easier than ever to do so. Their oat creamer is thick, rich and creamy, giving your coffee the smoothness you crave, as well as all of your favorite chai spices, and enough sweetness that you don't have to add any extra sugar.

elmhurst chai spice oat milk creamer

(via Elmhurst)


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Omnom Black N' Burnt Barley Chocolate Bar

The rest of the entries on this list are for the chocolate lovers out there! While you might not immediately associate the flavor of burnt barley with fall, you will after one bite of this oddly delicious chocolate bar from Omnom. It's got an earthy, grounding flavor, somewhere between coffee and burnt toast, with just the right amount of sweetness to make you want to gobble down the whole bar.

omnom black n burnt barley chocolate bar

(via Omnom)


Sugarfina Chai Tea Latte Chocolate Bar

It should come as no surprise that chocolate goes beautifully with chai, and this bar combines both white and dark chocolate, plus tea spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and black pepper to make for an unforgettable flavor. It's the whole chai-drinking experience, without the bother of burning your tongue!

sugarfina chai tea latte chocolate bar

(via Sugarfina)


Seattle Chocolate Apple Pie a la Mode Truffle Bar

And last, but certainly not least, is this Apple Pie a la Mode Truffle Bar from Seattle Chocolate, for all of those who gravitate toward the apple pie—and not the pumpkin—during Thanksgiving dinner. It's a dark chocolate bar with a cinnamon white chocolate truffle filling, complete with apple pieces and chunks of biscotti to evoke your favorite slice, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

seattle chocolate apple pie a la mode bar

(via Seattle Chocolate)


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