11 Great Fandom and Hobby Servers to Join If You're New to Discord

This May, our favorite chat platform Discord is celebrating its 8th birthday, and there couldn't be a better time to join up and start discovering your communities.

Whether you've never signed in before or have an account but couldn't quite figure out how to navigate the platform, we're here to help you find 11 of the best servers for fans and hobbyists alike. Just keep scrolling to learn more.

What Exactly Is Discord?

Discord is an innovative chat service that helps people connect with other like-minded folks to chat about their favorite stuff, whether we're talking musical artists, TV shows and films, books, specific creators, hobbies or anything else. Within each of the private communities on Discord (called servers) the app offers voice and video chat, as well as text chatting, so whether you're super involved or a lurker, you're totally welcome, and servers are generally divided into various channels to help you find precisely the content you're looking for.


How Do I Join?

Anyone over the age of 13 can join Discord at www.discord.com or through the app. There are a bunch of different ways to use Discord, whether you download the app on your phone or computer, or simply log in through your favorite browser. From there, you can personalize your account with a unique username and profile pic, and even create a different nickname for each server you frequent. Besides the list below, you can discover servers that might interest you through Discord's "Explore Public Servers," and plenty of your favorite creators might also have invite links for their servers on their YouTube, TikTok, Twitch profiles and more.



BLACKPINK is the biggest K-pop girl group in the world, so comes as no surprise that they have a super active and dedicated fanbase on Discord—one of the most active music servers on the app. It's the ultimate meeting place for Blinks of all types to get the latest news, share hilarious memes and connect with other fans who love BLACKPINK's music as much as you do.


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2. BTS

And if you're more of a fan of the kings of K-pop, Discord has you covered there as well. It's the ultimate meeting place for ARMY around the world, and in addition to being a spot to chat about the group, the server also frequently coordinates events to bring the community even closer together, from listening parties to planned activities and so much more.


3. Taylor Swift

If you want to make sure you don't miss out on a single thing as Taylor Swift continues on her Eras Tour, be sure to be part of her Discord server. Its Swifties will keep you posted on every last detail from each stop, and the server even has a trivia bot to test your Taylor Swift know-how.

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4. Olivia Rodrigo's LiviesHQ

The LiviesHQ Discord server is even more special than most because Olivia runs it herself. It'the place to be if you ever want to hear yet-unreleased music, get access to giveaways and uncover Easter eggs surrounding her releases, all straight from Olivia.


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5. Animal Crossing

If you're still making the flight to your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island each and every day, you're far from alone, and you need to be a part of this sweet and cozy Animal Crossing server. It's the perfect place to show off your decorating skills, post codes for your adorable clothing designs and exchange friend codes so you can coordinate trades for your must-have items—or just hang out and soak in the inspiration.


6. The*gameHERs

If you've been looking for an inclusive, uplifting community for discussing gaming, look no further than The*gameHERs. The woman-led community is built around lifting up the voices of women, femme-identifying and non-binary gamers, with a love for gaming at the center of it all.


7. Planet Astrology

Whether you're already a practicing astrology expert or need advice guided by the stars, Planet Astrology is the place for you. The server has a bot to help you manage your astrological charts in fine detail, as well as a support channel to help you navigate relationships and dating with specific signs of the zodiac.


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8. Astrology Lounge

And for deeper insights into the current astrological happenings, look no further than Astrology Lounge. It's the ultimate place to learn about what's happening right now in astrology that might be impacting your day-to-day life and also offers interactive opportunities like free chart readings and virtual sound baths.


9. Marvel

It's hard to think of franchises bigger than the MCU, and if you consider yourself a Marvel superfan, don't miss out on joining this community. Whether you're super into the movies and Disney+ shows or are an avid comic book reader, this community gets you—and the conversations around upcoming films and casting rumors are truly next-level.


10. R/Star Wars

If you spent a good portion of your childhood trying to lift items with your mind using the Force, we promise you that you'll love this Star Wars server. With new great Star Wars content always on the horizon, there's never a dull moment on this server, so whether you want to share your silliest Cal Kestis outfit from Jedi: Survivor, gush about the cuteness of Grogu or still haven't gotten over how good Andor is, it'the place to find your people.

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11. Book Lovers Club

We're saying it now—the Book Lovers Club server on Discord is better than being part of an actual book club. There's something here for fans of every genre, with constant conversation going on around specific books as well as iconic series, beloved authors and so much more. Best of all, there's always a place to contribute your latest literary hot takes.


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