The Definitive Ranking of Best Fast Food Ice Cubes

If you're a person who enjoys your coffee or soft drink ice-cold, chances are you have some sort of opinion about the ice cubes inside your cup.

Whether it be standard crescent ice cubes, nugget ice cubes or straight up soft and flakey cubes, everyone is entitled to picking their own favorite.

But since we love ranking our fast food favorites over here at Sweety High, we've taken it upon ourselves to present to you the five chains we personally think have the tastiest cubes around. This is no joke.

Scroll below to see if you agree!

1. Sonic's Nugget Ice Cubes

If you've never had nugget ice cubes, you are seriously missing out. Nugget cubes, sometimes also called pearls or cubelets, are by far the most popular ice type (and also, our personal favorite!). But why, you ask? These little chunks of ice are totally chewable, easy on your teeth and they really absorb the full flavor of whatever drink you're sipping on. The only downfall is that they melt a little quicker than full-sized ice cubes. I will admit, I have driven through Sonic just to order a large cup of their ice. It's that good.


2. Coffee Bean's Pellet Ice Cubes

In second place, right behind the front-runner, Sonic, is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. These cubes are pellet-shaped and very similar to Sonic's nugget ice. I personally think they're a bit crunchier and harsher on the teeth than Sonic's, but, nonetheless, I still find them extremely satisfying to chew on.


3. Circle K's Crushed Ice

I've tried my fair share of gas station ice cubes, and my research has helped me conclude that Circle K's crushed ice from their soda machine is hands down the best. It's soft and slower to melt, and because it comes from a self-serve ice machine, you can put as much or as little in your soft drink as you please! Uh-mazing. ????


4. Starbucks Half-Size Standard Ice Cubes

Next up on the list is Starbucks. Starbs is known for its ultra-crunchy standard cubes. In my opinion, half the appeal of ordering a drink from the coffee chain is that I know I'll always get more than enough ice to nibble on. The benefit of these larger cubes is that your drink stays colder way longer and the ice doesn't melt for hours. Can't argue with that.


5. McDonald's Full-Size Ice Cubes

Topping off the list at number five is McDonald's. Although some may complain that their cubes are way too large, I find them perfectly sized. Because the cubes are so massive, my soda from McDonald's doesn't taste watered down for hours. Although they're a little too big for chewing on, these cubes are great for letting sit and melt in your mouth. I swear I'm not crazy, I just love ice.


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