The Best Father's Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

Even though dads tend to be less picky than moms, we always have a tougher time with Father's Day shopping.

Of course, the process gets a whole lot simpler when your father has specific hobbies and interests—particularly if he's a fan of the great outdoors. While he probably already has all the specific gear he needs to perfectly persue his favorite activities, there are a few goodies he hasn't though of, and that's why the following items make such great gifts.

Vacation Classic Spray SPF 50: $19

Dads (and everyone, really) should be wearing an SPF every day, but it's especially critical when they're under the beating sun all day. If your father figures are anything like ours, they really can't be bothered with the tedious process of lathering up, which is why an effortless sunscreen spray like Vacation's Classic Spray SPF 50 is just right for them. The sprayer is designed for continous use—even upside-down and sideways—goes on transparent and features the brand's signature tropically beachy scent, so he's sure to love it.

Vacation Classic Spray SPF 50

(via Vacation)


Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool: $9.99

Being outside inevitably results in bug bites, so help him stop itchiness in its tracks with Bug Bite Thing's Suction Tool. It works like a charm to extract any saliva or venom from moquito bites, stings and more, which in turn prevents itching, pain and swelling, and since it's a simple suction tool, it uses no chemicals and is endlessly reusable.

Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool

(via Bug Bite Thing)


Coalatree Trailhead Pants: $99

Coalatree's Trailhead Pants truly are the ultimate outdoor pant, looking stylish enough for everyday wear while being rugged, waterproof and breathable enough for any and all kinds of adventures. They feature four-way stretch, so they don't hinder movement whatsover, and are also tear-resistant and antimicrobial to prevent stink. Our favorite thing, though, might be the way they pack down into the front pocket, making them eay to pack and usable as a little pillow.

Coalatree Trailhead Pants

(via Coalatree)


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Helinox Chair One: $109.95+

You might think that if you've seen one camping chair, you've seen them all, but Helinox's Chair One stands out from the rest. It's stylish as well as sturdy and compact, holding up to 320 pounds while weighing just over two pounds itself, and it packs down to be just 13.5 inches long for maximum portability, made with backpackers in mind.

(via Helinox)


Big Blanket Co. Big Beachy Blanket: $159

For the dad who prefers to share his time outdoors with the family, there's the Big Beachy Blanket from Big Blanket Co. It's seven times bigger than your average beach towel (100 square feet in total) while being way less bulky. The 60% cotton and 40% bamboo material makes it lightweight and easy to carry around, but the fact it repels sand is what makes it truly special.

Big Blanket Co. Big Beachy Blanket

(via Big Blanket Co.)


Poolcandy Tube Runner Motorized Water Tube: $150

For the dad you can't keep out of the water, there's this Tube Runner Motorized Water Tube from PoolCandy. It's a battery-operated, joystick-controlled inner tube witha  three-blade propeller to help him move through the water with ease, relaxing and getting places all at once. He'll feel like a king on this thing—and he deserves to.

Poolcandy Tube Runner Motorized Water Tube PoolCandy

(via Poolcandy)


Altec Lansing HydraBoom Bluetooth Speaker: $129.99

And he can listen to his favorite tunes, even from the water, thanks to Altec Lansing's HydraBoom Bluetooth Speaker. Not only is this speaker waterproof, but it also floats while playing music via Bluetooth from any of his devices. It has various LED light modes to make the party even more fun, and he'll especially appreciate that it has antimicrobrial protection to prevent it from getting icky, even through all of its escapades through the water.

Altec Lansing HydraBoom Bluetooth Speaker

(via Target)


Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket: $93.75

Rumpl is the weatherproof, ultra-warm and eco-friendly blanket that every outdoorsman needs to know about. Every one-person blanket is made with 60 recycled plastic bottles, and the result is a light, packable blanket that protects from all of the elements while looking extra cool.

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

(via Rumpl)


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Pit Command Firepit Tool Bundle: $198.40+

We're not sure why dads are so drawn to firepits, but we might as well help them make the most out of their time by the flame with great tools from Pit Command. The Firepit Tool Bundle starts at $198.40, allowing you to mix and match the three tools to his needs (with the full kit selling for $227.90). The Commander and The Ranger tools are different sizes of the same multipurpose tool, including a chopper, a serrated hook and a poker, while The Talons are special tongs just for firepits.

Pit Command Firepit Tool Bundle

(via Pit Command)


Colsen Round Tabletop Fire Pit: $39.96

And for those times dads can't make a huge firepit to bond around, there are Colsen's mini options designed for tabletops. They're small and ready to use right out of the box, making them excellent for outdoor events, and are fueled with rubbing alcohol, so dad can even use it indoors, if his heart desires.

Colsen Round Tabletop Fire Pit

(via Colsen Fire Pit)


Gentlemen's Hardware Portable BBQ: $142

Some dads just aren't happy when they're not grilling, and this Gentlemen's Hardware Portable BBQ comes in a stylish case to make taking it on the go  a no-brainer. It's super lightweight and includes a coal tray and grill for him to start cooking anytime, anywhere.

Gentlemen's Hardware Portable BBQ

(via Gentlemen's Hardware )


Wild One Walk Kit: $78.40

Dogs are a man's best friend, and if that's true of your dad, he'll love an upgrade from his pup's current leash and collar with help from this Walk Kit from Wild One. The kits come in a number of great colors with everything his dog needs for walks, from the comfy dog hardness and dirt-resistant leash to the matching poop bag carrier.

Wild One Walk Kit

(via Wild One)


Third Eye TE15 Headlamp: $49.99

For the dads who really like to rough it in the wilderness, we recommend this Third Eye TE15 Headlamp. It'll light the way when he's far from civilization, providing six brightness settings and an adjustible tilt lens while keeping his hands totally free. On just three AAA batteries, it can run for up to 30 hours on high, and up to 120 hours on low, so he won't get caught stranded in the dark.

Third Eye TE15 Headlamp

(via Third Eye Headlamps)


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