13 Bucket List Ideas for You and Your Best Friend

What's something you wish you could do?

Go sky-diving? Read an entire book in one sitting? Belly laugh like there's no tomorrow? Whether you have a huge list of things you want to accomplish or don't even know where to start, we think it would be a great idea to make a bucket list. And if you and your best friend are attached at the hip, make one together! Here are 13 bucket list ideas for you and your best friend to do together.

1. Make Friendship Bracelets

Besties have been making friendship bracelets for forever, and for good reason! It's a daily reminder that someone has your back in life, and making them with your BFF is a memory the two of you will cherish forever.


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2. Have a Best Friend Day

Plan a best friend day! If you're wondering what exactly this entails, just remember that it can be whatever you want, as long as you plan a full day together. Whether you go rollerblading, shopping, go on a food tour, have a spa day or something else, as long as you're together you will have an amazing time.


3. Write Each Other Future Letters

We're willing to bet you and your bestie have a friendship that's going to last a lifetime, so why not celebrate that? Write each other letters to your friend in the future. You can write them to open in 10 years or even ones for special occasions like the day you graduate college, the day you get married—the options truly are limitless.


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4. Plan a Surprise Party Together

Planning a surprise party can honestly be more fun than the party itself—and since you can't exactly plan a party for them if you want to do it together, find someone else to plan it for! Whether it's a parent, sibling or another friend, planning a party with your bestie is going to be loads of fun.


5. Wear Matching Outfits

Have you ever seen cute little girls wearing matching outfits? It's arguably one of the cutest things ever, so why not do it when you're older, too? Grab your bestie, hit up your favorite store and buy matching outfits. We dare you to rock them to a fun party—you'll get all of the attention.


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6. Make a Time Capsule Together

Time capsules aren't just for cheesy teen movies, you can make them in real life, too! Put together a box of important mementos with your best friend and keep it in a safe place. Open it in five, 10 or 15 years from now and the magic will still be there. Plus, it's an excuse to get together with your best friend in the future.


7. Give Each Other Mani-Pedis

If you're grossed out by feet, this one probably isn't for you, but giving each other mani-pedis seems like such a fun idea to us. Go on Pinterest and find some inspo pics. If you or your bestie are artsy, feel free to go all out and do a design. If not, though, just go for a simple color and add some nail stickers.


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8. Start a Book Club Together

Whether the pair of you are book nerds or just need an excuse to exercise your minds, starting a book club might be the perfect fit. You can do this on your own or ask other people to join—it's completely up to you. We suggest compiling a list of books the two of you want to read and picking one at random every month. Then, meet and discuss the book of the month over charcuterie and a night of fun!


9. Go On a Double Date

Whether you're both single, one of you is dating or you're both in relationships, going on a double date is totally doable. Since the two of you are undoubtedly better together, your dates will get to see a whole new side of you.


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10. Give Each Other Makeovers

If you love She's All That, you absolutely need to give the makeover thing a try with your best friend. Hit up a thrift store and pick out outfits for each other, then, head home and do each other's hair and makeup. We guarantee you're going to have an amazing time—and even if the makeovers themselves don't end up looking great, the memories are well worth it.


11. Plan a Road Trip Together

If you and your bestie are of driving age, you absolutely need to plan a road trip. Even if you're only able to go for one weekend, that's plenty of time to fit in all sorts of fun. Whether you camp or stay at a fancy hotel, we just know this will be one of the best memories the two of you end up sharing.


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12. Work at the Same Summer Job

Want to make some extra cash while hanging out with your bestie? Then apply to work at the same summer job! There are tons of places you can do this—from lifeguarding to working at a coffee shop, summer camp and more, this is a great way to spend even more time together.


13. Join a Recreational Sports Team Together

When it comes to best friends, one is almost always the sporty one, so, even if you're not at all athletic, joining a recreational sports team together will be full of fun. You can make fun of each other, joke around and just have an all-around amazing time.


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