Best Friend Day: Five Fun Ways To Celebrate With Your BFF!

Best Friend Day is this Saturday, June 8! What better way to celebrate than meet up with your BFF and spend the entire day with them, doing a bunch of new stuff and creating new memories together? Here's a list of five suggestions to make your Best Friend Day the best EVER!

Best Friend Day- 5 Ways To Celebrate!

1. Best Friend Day Interview– You probably already know everything there is to know about your best friend, but it doesn't hurt to always be able to learn something more! Make a list of questions for your best friend consisting of questions you might not know the answers to. Where would they take their dream vacation? What job do they want to have when they grow up? What is their secret pet peeve? Have them do the same, and learn some stuff about them that you never knew!

2. Give Back To The World, BFF Style – Do you and your BFF have any causes you're both passionate about? Have your parents organize a volunteer day with your favorite organization or charity! Find a way to raise some money and donate it to a good cause, or find a group that will allow you both to volunteer.

3. Have a BFF Sleepover – Have a sleepover with just you and you best friend! Pick out some of your favorites movies, snacks, and board games and have an awesome night to honor your friendship! And don't forget to take plenty of pictures!

4. Create a BFF Vlog – Get your video cameras and editing programs ready! Film yourself and your BFF talking about how you eventually became BFFs, and talk about how your friendship has grown over time! When you're done filming it, edit the video with your BFF. It's up to you to decide if you want to post it somewhere. We recommend the Tube section at!

5.  BFF Photo Saturday– Take a TON of pictures of you and your BFF in all of your favorite places! Enter you thoser favorite of pictures in Sweety High's Best Friends Contest!

Enter our Best Friends Contest on Sweety High by taking a pic of you and your BFF and uploading it! The prize is customized BFF jewelry by Bonnie Bling for you AND your best friend. The contest ends June 20th, which gives you plenty of time to take some great pics with your bestie!

For more specifics on how to enter, just click here!