13 Gifts That Will Show Your Bestie Just How Much You Love Them

Grab your bestie and give them a giant hug, because guess what? Today is National Best Friend Day!

If you'd like to show your love and appreciation for your partner-in-crime with a small gift, we've got just the items for you!

Scroll below to see just 13 tokens that will show them you truly care not only today, but everyday!

Besties Patch: $8.14

Tell your other half how important they are by snagging them this adorable besties patch—perfect for the leather or denim jacket they practically live in. ????

Bestie patch

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Best Friend Bracelet: $19.99

You and your best friend can be #twinning with this super chic and simple "you're my person" bracelet. Are you in love?

You're My Person Bracelet

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Long Distance Best Friend Mug $14.99

Even if you have a long distance bestie, you can still show them you care with this personalized mug that showcases your two states. Pretty clever.

Long distance best friend mugs

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Friendship Knot Earrings: $16.05

If you want to show your appreciation for your partner-in-crime in a more subtle way, gift them these petite knot earrings as a symbol of your friendship.

Friendship knot earrings from Etsy

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Custom Bestie Key Chain: $9.95

This cute little keychain will be the perfect reminder of where your awesome friendship began. Make sure to get one for them and one for you!

Bestie Keychain

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Personalized Best Friends Candle: $20

Your candle-loving best friend will surely appreciate this personalized gift that has a special message for just them on the back.

Personalized best friends candle

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Best Friend Cactus Necklace: $33

Skip the traditional best friend necklace and pick up this "we stick together" gold chain one instead. This thing is cute enough to wear daily, in our opinion.

Best Friend cactus necklace

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Best Friend Sweatshirts: $14.99 each

Have a friend who loves coffee and donuts as much as you do? Then you need this matching sweatshirt set. No questions asked. ????

Best Friend Sweatshirts

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Best Friend Phone Cases: $28.99

If you have a friend who has stolen a "pizza," aka your heart, you must gift them with one of these cases ????

Best Friend phone cases with pizza on them

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Girl Gang Pin: $9.36

Show your best girl friend or friends how much they mean to you by presenting them with this lil' girl gang pin—they won't be disappointed.

Girl Gang Pin from Etsy

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Soul Sisters Frame: $19.13

If you and your bestie have a gazillion pictures and nowhere to put them, this "soul sister" frame is just what you need. They will love that the gift is personalized. ❤️

Soul Sister Frame

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Soul Sister Mason Jars: $19.50

You and your best gal pal need these cute little mason jar tumblers in your lives, don't you?

Soul sister mason jars

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Best Friend Snapbacks: $24

Gift your bestie with this hat set and you two can walk around town letting everyone know how inseparable you really are. ????

Best Friend Snap Back

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