14 Things You'll Only Understand If Your Sister Is Your BFF

If your sis also doubles as your BFF, you're lucky.

The relationship you have is so much stronger than any regular old BFFship because you have lifelong memories, shared genetics and an unbreakable bond.

Stephanie, DJ and Michelle from "Full House" hugging

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Grab your sidekick sibling and scroll through these 14 totally relatable things only you two will understand. Be prepared to feel more connected than ever. ????

1. You love that you have a constant bestie you can always rely on. Even if you move away from each other, you will always stay in touch. No matter what. They've known you since your very beginning, and they can't really get rid of you–which is totally fine.

Stephanie and DJ Tanner hugging

(Full House via Warner Bros. Productions)

2. When your whole family gets together for big events or holidays, you always have someone who will help you stay clear of your crazy relatives. You act as each other's buffers.

3. If someone tries to pick on you, you know sis has your back. She's not going to let just anyone smack-talk you–unless it's her, of course. It's kind of her unofficial job just to protect you from any haters.

4. When one of your parents does something horribly embarrassing, you have someone who can cringe alongside you.

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5. You share secrets with each other that even your closest friends don't know. There's an intense trust between you two that no one will ever really be able to understand.

6. When you need any sort of life advice, you go straight to her. She truly knows you better than anyone–even yourself sometimes!

7. Even when you argue, you always make up, because A) You live under the same roof. B) Your mom makes you. C) You can't stand not telling her every itty-bitty detail of your day.

Stephanie and DJ Tanner arguing over clothes

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8. You constantly borrow clothing without asking her. You're both mutually okay with it because it gives you twice the wardrobe!

9. You can sometimes read each other's minds. No joke. It's really a gift.

10. If the guy you are crushin' on is not good enough for you, your sis will be sure to let you know. Your other friends might not be brave enough to tell you, but, rest assured, your sis will speak her mind.

Stephanie Tanner kissing a boy

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11. Because there are no boundaries between you two, you call each other out when you believe the other is in the wrong. You know you can be 100% honest with each other, because neither of you hold grudges toward the other.

12. You share friends, and you don't even mind. The more the merrier.

Stephanie, Dj and Kimmy from "Full House"

(Full House via Warner Bros. Productions)

13. If you act like the biggest weirdo on the planet, your sis won't judge you one bit–she's totally used to your quirkiness.

14. When other people complain about their sibs, you just don't understand, because you couldn't imagine living a life without your built-in bestie.


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